The Spirit Dog and Giant Man Eating Lizard The Asian Water Monitor

Asian water monitor.

Alright, alright maybe not exactly man eating, but you gotta admit it’s a pretty cool title.







How The Spirit Dog and Sal, met.


The Spirit Dog

Hungry Cat

Hungry Cat

Sorry about that……


8 Responses

  1. Sal, is very pretty isn’t he ?

  2. wooow I would not mind taking this beauty at all, have a special thing for asian water monitors… amazing !!

  3. Hello nice water monitor… I wanted to know will you sell him? and if so how much? My email is Thank you

  4. Very Nice monitor…Was interested in wanting to know will you sale him? and if so how much… my email is thank you

  5. Hi Carlos,

    It shouldn’t take long getting your guy used to a harness and leash. Just make sure non of your neighbors are mowing their lawn, when you take him out. If your Asian water monitor starts to curl his tail that means he’s getting nervous or pissed off and he’s going to use it like a whip. Sal, the lizard in the picture whacked me the first day I worked with him, it was like somebody hitting me in the leg with a bat.
    After that the few times he did curl his tail, while standing I straddled him so he couldn’t hit me.

    Good luck with your guy.


  6. man i have a 4 foot male, isnt too fond of being carried loves to walk, im trying to get him used to a harness and leash…i hope he gets as big as the one you handled, but on the flip side, hes great with people, and crowds, just doesnt like the sight or sound of my lawnmower thats all lol wimp

  7. Hello Jase,

    Thanks for the question, I can’t answer your question in regards to feeding. I was asked by the director of The Queens College Environmental Center to work with Sal, so the other environmentalists could successfully handle him around people. Those photos were taken when I first started working with Sal, since you have to care for your little guy everyday use those opportunities to handle him. Just remember to wash your hands afterward, as water monitors can be a salmonella vector.

    As for feeding, try an online search or to get started have a look at these.

    Good Luck

  8. What did you feed your water as a baby and when did you increase his food intake. Have you ever given your water dog or cat food. Did you handle it every day in order to tame it… Sorry about the question I just got one and I’m excited.

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