More Spirit Dogs Running Around Video

It looks like I finally figured out how to get these videos to look OK, on the web without being all pixely. Although this time the video on Vimeo looks grainy and the Youtube one looks good, can somebody tell me why that is. It’s the same video file as the pasture thing I posted.


The Spirit Dog.

Here’s the Vimeo link.

More Dog Stuff from Alan Papszycki on Vimeo.



18 Responses

  1. Thank you Jenn .

  2. Al, were you aware of the ad above?

  3. Thank you Teagan, it won’t be to much longer before our guys have a great big dog house to call home. Yea, I miss seeing my Coop-e-doops running in the pastures.

  4. Hi SpiritDog, Your videos are looking great! All your dogs just look sooo happy and I just love your silly dog talk.. that’s what mummy and daddy do and it mostly sends me bonkers.
    Have only just got round to catching up with blogs & tweets and was really sad to read on twitter about Cooper :o( Big hugs.
    Hope you get your new building and fencing etc all finished soon.
    Wags and licks, Teagan x x

  5. I prefer Weedhopper, thank you very much.

  6. Ah, but you’re learning Spirit Dog, you’re learning!! You are growing, Little Grasshopper, into a 21st Century techie!!
    I have faith you will be using all kinds of gadgets soon!!

    I will help any way I can, of course, you just say the word.

  7. Are you volunteering to story board it , or be part of the production team ? I hope so, ’cause I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

  8. Hopefully when our guys are in their new animal house, I’ll actually have a couple of free hours a day to pursue stuff like that. Or I’ll just spend more time playing with the dogs, or maybe even sleeping that would be nice.

    Seriously, instructional videos is something we’re hoping to do. So people can understand their dogs a little bit better and get a handle on some of the more simpler behavior problems, that seem to be insurmountable hurdles for some. ( hey I spelt, ‘insurmountable’ without spell check)

  9. Love your perspective…what did you think about making instructional videos for the marketplace?

  10. Hey Jennifer,

    It’s always going to be ‘clean’. As adults our behavior knowledge is too far skewed with so much inaccurate behavior and training advice, that the real hope for the future of dogs lies within our children’s knowledge of dogs. If there’s ever going to be any hope of a no kill nation we really have to change the way we think about and act with our dogs.

    As for the colorful language, since I’m from Brooklyn, NY (Bergen Beach) maybe some day we will have an HBO type show where my more organic side can come out.


  11. Also, about being Osbourne-y….for posting these videos I think you should try to keep it clean…the site might take it down if someone complained about “offensive” language.

  12. About your narration….now I can tell what you really mean about keeping happy. You’re much more animated than I am when I trhink I’m being happy with them.
    I remember you told me it was difficult for you to DESCRIBE model behaviors because your style was to perform them. I had an idea that your videos might be INSTRUCTIONAL…you could sell them.
    Seeing your video…actually, HEARING your video, taught me instantly what I might change with my dogs. If you could make the film more in the lesson style, I think people would buy them. You could have a Spirit Sanctaury series-short videos dealing with specific behaviors….whadda ya think?

  13. That’s what he does when he runs back and forth between his frog ponds. And he’s never going to run out of frogs because in the ponds I see thousands of polliwogs. That should keep him busy.

  14. Hey Nat,

    Yea, that’s Cake ( formerly known as ‘Spike’. Just had to change that name when he got here). There are buds, but he’s not a Pit Bull. These guys are often confused and this is a problem with all that BSL, BS. Cake’s an American Bull Dog. Our friggin epoxy floor is taking forever to cure/dry. It’s been kind of rainforesty here this week.

  15. Hey Al is that Shakes’ new sidekick? The other pitbull? They look alike!

  16. Hahahahaha the narration was awesome! Shakes was running 500 miles an hour!!! All the dogs look happy as always, love these videos Al, keep em coming!!!! 🙂

  17. Actually, I’m a little surprised at what I said. Not the happy voice stuff which I’m always doing, but the part where I said to Cake, “Don’t be stupid” and Bo “Try to relax”. It’s not often I use a PG version, it’s more like the Osbourne’s.

    Glad you liked it. What does Ralph think ?

  18. I especially enjoyed the narration .. hehehe

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