Spirit Dogs in Pasture Video, On Vimeo & YouTube

I’m trying to find some time to learn how to do this video stuff, this is the second video I uploaded to Vimeo. The first video really looked like poop, this one actually looks OK. The problem is I don’t remember which way I converted the video to get it to look like this. Anyway,

Dogs in Pasture #2 from Alan Papszycki on Vimeo.

The Spirit Dog

This file type seems to work on Youtube, what do you think ?


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  1. Ah, my favorite girls down under Abz & Chels, hope all is well. These are the first hand held videos that look OK, the only other one that looked good I used a camera tripod. I had so many videos that just wouldn’t convert, I got disgusted and stopped trying for a couple of months. Then after many months of playing with our dogs, and a fine therapist (Brewster) I figured to give it another go.

    You guys can hear my voice on this one, not much of a voice but it’s all mine. https://thespiritdog.wordpress.com/2009/06/13/more-spirit-dogs-running-around/


  2. […] the Youtube one looks good, can somebody tell me why that is. It’s the same video file as the pasture thing I […]

  3. I think your doing fine.. stick to utube.. you do what i do.. spend so much time fiddling and getting it right that when you do you forget which way it was that worked 🙂

  4. Glad you liked it Regina, your boy will be in a video soon.

  5. […] You can see some of the pasture that will be fenced off, for our guys to play in HERE. […]

  6. made my day!!!

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