Spirit Animal Sanctuaries New Doggy House : update

The epoxy flooring guys wrapped up installing the solid epoxy floor about a couple of hours ago. It will take an additional two or three more days before the floor is fully cured.

It doesn’t really look like the spice nut color that we chose, it looks more gray. I’ll post some pictures of the new floor in a day or two.

The only contractors we still have to hire is a fencing company,  because the fencing is such a huge job ( Approximately 6,000 linear feet of heavy gauge chain link fencing) we are soliciting a lot of estimates.

If you would like to help us out with a donation for our new doggy play yard fencing, visit spiritanimal.org’s donation page or mail your donation to : spirit animal sanctuary inc., 2539 east road, boonville, new york 13309.

And remember your donation’s are tax deductible.

Have yourself a wonderful day.

The Spirit Dog

………This is about 200 linear feet of fencing………

Please help us to greener pastures.

Please help us to greener pastures.

Please help us to, to greener pastures.

Please help us to, to greener pastures. ( Aah, my coop's)

the new doggy house

the new doggy house

….. Have friends that are animal lovers, please tell them about us.


5 Responses

  1. Wow, its all happening over your side of the world… what a brilliant structure it will be when its finished..

  2. It’s a gang thing !

  3. Hey…why are all the BLACK dogs on one side and all the BEIGE dogs on the other…is there unfair and unequal treatment at the Spirit Sanctuary!!??

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