Dogs Jumping Up, Dominance or Greeting ?

I think I mentioned somewhere before that a dog that jumps up on you, your family or friends is not trying to show dominance in any way, shape or form over humans. This is one of those myths that who knows how it got started, but unfortunately it did.

Because of this ill advised and inaccurate animal behavior advice that is still adhered to and taught, many dogs and their owners will most likely endure some degree of undue stress and turmoil. All because of an old saying that has no more validity to it, then another old inaccurate adage “You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks”.

On extremely rare occasions will a dog jump up on or stand on another dog in an attempt to show dominance over the other animal. Any dog training or behavior (professional ?) that believes and teaches their clients that this exhibition by your dog is a dominance issue, doesn’t have a 100% working knowledge of inherited dog behavior.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that those (trainers or behaviorists) will not have the ability to help you with your dog. But if you hire one of these trainers and you do not start seeing at least some positive results in a short period of time, maybe you should consider hiring someone else.

This is not dominance, this is “Hey, pet me, touch me, love me, please !”

Hows my little guys.

Spirit Dog, Momo & Gang

Spirit Dog & Brewster

Spirit Dog & Brewster

Princess, Shakes, Spirit

Princess, Shakes, Spirit

Seedy, Spirit, Pluto

Seedy, Spirit, Pluto

German Shepherd Puppy & Spirit

German Shepherd Puppy & Spirit

Spirit Dogs

Spirit Dogs

Nervous dog & Spirit

Nervous dog & Spirit

Still Think This Is Dominance ? You Better Not !

The Spirit Dog

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6 Responses

  1. At last I read a sensible write-up about dog jumping! Ive always known that dog jumping is not a sign of dominance, but of dog affection and friendliness… Ive read that even dogs putting their paws on you is a sign of dominance. I disagree! Dogs dont need to be treated as second rate citizens in the home to know they are not “alpha”. If we show our pet dogs love and affection, they give it to us in return. Our behavior to them is reciprocated. Ive lived with pet dogs all my life and find some dog trainers comments insensible. Thanks dog spirit, someone who finally understands!

  2. Hello Lulu,

    I hope you’re not referring to this guy when you mention dog psychology.

  3. I do not want to be rude though!

  4. I completely dont agree with you and I dont think you know what you’re saying. What kind of lunatic would question dog psychology? Just because it looks friendly doesn’t mean it is?

  5. So agree … to me its over excitement and out of control.. ‘god damn your home at last’ The girls did it more so as pups and a stern ‘No!’ and a finger point (worked on my son) and it soon stopped. They have learnt the only time for jumping on me is if Im at ground level with them and its play time.

    Danes are so sensitive they look at me like there heart is broken if I say a cranky No…

    Now keeping them off the furniture is a whole different ballgame with my two…grrr

  6. Thank you. I fired the woman dog trainer I had last year for my 2 year old Aussie Bella, since it was obvious by Bella’s face she was just so happy. But this lady kept trying to tell me “no, it’s my dog trying to show dominance over me”.

    I was lucky enough to finally find (after I fired 3 more trainers) another trainer that said just what you said about the jumping. I think it took something like three weeks for Bella to stop jumping up on me, unless I asked her to.


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