Friends of Linden Animal Shelter’s “Princess”

Here’s a couple photo’s of Princess, a 9 year old mixed breed dog from Friends of Linden Animal Shelter (FOLAS) in New Jersey. Princess had spent most of her life in an animal shelter before coming here to Spirit Animal Sanctuary. She follows Heidi, another dog that ‘Folas’ brought up to us a couple of months previously after seeing how well Heidi adjusted.

This is a photo of Princess that Folas took when they brought her here. A little Grumpy.

Princess had a couple of more behavior issues than Heidi came with, but she’s coming along nicely and letting go of a lot of her anxieties.

Here’s a couple of pictures of Princess, who decided to take the walk with us as we showed the progress of our new animal house to Susan and Martin who made the trip up from Westchester on Memorial Day weekend to visit their beloved Banana Head, GMB.

Fred (Lab) & Princess

Fred (Lab) & Princess 5.24.2009

Fred, Princess & Cassidy

Fred, Princess & Cassidy 5.24.2009

Princess Chewing on a bone that Fred picked clean.

Princess Chewing on a bone that Fred picked clean. 5.24.2009

Princess & Me

Princess & Me with dry paint on my hands. 5.24.2009

Princess on Adirondack chair

Princess on Adirondack chair 5.24.2009





Banana Head 'GMB'

Banana Head 'GMB'

The Spirit Dog

Thanks Martin for the great shots of Princess.

Please visit Friends of Linden Animal Shelter, to see their dogs and cats that are for adoption.


2 Responses

  1. Like a Queen in her Castle !

  2. How’s Princess feeling today?

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