Painting Idea’s Needed for our New Animal House

Here’s a couple photo’s of Spirit Animal Sanctuaries new animal house, that should be completed in about eight weeks. We’re having a hard time picking out some interior colors that will look good, got any idea’s ?

Below is the floor coloring we choose. Check out their site everlastepoxy. The kennels which have already been delivered from the kennel manufacturer’s, are all square tubing with a black powder coat finish.

This epoxy floor color is called Spicenut.

We started out thinking forest green and white would be nice, but after seeing it in one of the rooms it’s not as good as we thought.

What color are their walls in the above photo and what do you think of that color ?

It would be great if you can give us some feedback on what you think may be a good color scheme for our big dog house.

The new doggy house.

From here, you would be well inside the doggy play yards.

From here, you would be well inside the doggy play yards. 5-24-2009

This is the huge pasture field for the dogs.

This is the huge pasture field for the dogs. 5-24-2009

With all four fans on, it's like a wind tunnel.

With all four fans on, it's like a wind tunnel. 5-24-2009

So tell me what colors do you thin k will look good or just one color if you think that will be better.


The Spirit Dog


12 Responses

  1. I think the wall color in the sample pic is more of a cinnamon and I love it.

  2. There are colors being called “mud” or “muddy”. Some are actually appealing and I think they would make for a nice room.

    You could brighten up any dark color with a large horizontal stripe of a light color going all around the walls, far enough up the wall that noone would be able to reach and ditry it up. You would paint first with dark, then apply that blue tape around to make your borders for the light color.

  3. Hello Frances,

    Hope you’ve been well. A year or so ago a Manhattan couple ( both psychiatrists or psychologists, I can’t remember which) that I had helped 6 or 7 years ago with their troubled 2 yo German Shepherd, called me asking if I would make the trip down to the city.
    When I told them that currently it’s impossible for me to make that trip, they asked if I could recommend someone. Being that I’m not a fan of to many trainers or behaviorists, I said “let me see if I can find somebody for you in or close to the city”.

    After searching and reading quite a few peoples websites, with no luck, I found Mr. Kelley’s site and really liked what he had to say about behavior and training.

    So I gave them his contact info.

    Thanks for the color suggestion, but it’s going to have to be a little darker color. Our guys are allowed to play in the creeks, ponds, mud, roll in the dirt or whatever else catches their fancy.


  4. So you mean dogs are not color blind?

  5. My friend & training consultant, Lee Kelley ( — you guys might like each other), says that light blue is soothing to dogs. Makes sense — most travel crates are either oyster, brown (yuck) or light blue…

  6. Thank you Adrienne, maybe we’ll give that a try.

  7. Hey Jenn,

    Yea, I thought the forest green would look pretty good. But after seeing it on one whole wall, it just doesn’t look right.

  8. A trick I used a lot is to get a bunch of paint chips and hold them up to the floor. What you would want is a chip that EXACTLY matches one of the colors in the floor. I would say not the lightest or darkest but in the middle. That makes for a soothing neutral effect.

  9. Hey A,

    That’s the sample picture from the epoxy place web site. Although I bet-ya our dogs would love chewing those chairs up.

  10. I just re-read the original post. Are those chairs in your place? Or is it just the floor color that you are trying to show? Can’t say I’m crazy about the chairs. LOVE the floor tho.

  11. Hey Al,

    You’re right with thinking green, but forest green is too dark. I have a color on my walls at home that would go well on yours. It’s Ralph Lauren “Mexican feather grass”. If you got a paint chip of that you will see what I mean. It is an awesome color because it looks warm when the sun hits is in the evening but soft greyish green in the morning light. I can mail you a chip if you like. With how orangey the floors are you might need something greener though.

    The color you have now is a rich reddish chocolate. Personal opinion is that it too dark and monotine with the floor and clashes with the chairs.

    the problemis that the chairs have so much RED in them and everything else is oragne tinted.

    Give me a close up shot of the epoxy floor and I can give you alternates that might go even better.

    (I love playing with colors. It was my favorite part of painting for a living.) 😀


  12. Congratulations, Al and doggies on your new home.
    I would say the color of the walls in your photo is a chocolate. I think it’s too dark for dogs. Your green idea would be good if it were a soft, sage green. I am seeing some beautiful grays around (we’re looking for colors for the outside of our house) and what I would call tan, but these new colors are blends and are lovely.
    What do you think?

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