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The Socializing of Bella Bear

These dog photos, will show our normal routine for socializing new dogs here at the spirit dog sanctuary. Little Bella Bear the brindle terrier mix was pretty comfortable meeting some of our other dogs.  Even for the dogs that were described to us as having dog aggression problems, our introduction process is the same.

It’s ( for us anyway), a very simple process to socialize unsocialized dogs. The key is, you must have many, many, many other socialized dogs, to socialize the unsocialized.

Yup, it dat eazy !

Bella, Heidi, Deezy, Seedy, Brewster, Pluto

Bella, Heidi, Deezy, Seedy, Brewster, Pluto

Bella, Deezy, Beetle, Spirit Dog

Bella, Deezy, Beetle, Spirit Dog

Bella (puddle), CJ, Shake-a-bee

Bella (puddle), CJ, Shake-a-bee

Shakes (pit bull), Bella, Spanky (seat)

Shakes (pit bull), Bella, Spanky (seat)

La Bella Bear

La Bella Bear

Following her new pack.

Following her new pack.

Thanks to Amber & Kate for the wonderful photographs.

The Spirit Dog

© 2009 a.s.papszycki


5 Responses

  1. “Go” as in “get away”? That;s really brilliant. I wish the dogs I had been around when I first got Emma had been trained on something similar. It would have made a real difference. I can see how it woud be easy to settle down one dog if the others al backed off. I always had to take my dog away.

    The training club is ok, but it’s not really set up for play groups. And not all the dogs really know how to play.

    There was a group of us that were all taking the same class and had small dogs. One Irish Terrier, three King Charles Spaniels, my two mutts. They were fabulous together and the terrier really taught Emma proper play. She plays terrier-style, very rambunctious and noisy. My two wrestle all the time. I’ll have to post a video for you.

  2. Hi Adrienne,

    How about your training club, or at least two or three other socialized guys so they can get some good doggy play in. Although I’m not doing nearly as much behavior training for clients as I did on Long Island and New York, something to do with cows outnumbering people 2 to 1 where we are now, I guess.

    When I helped people socialize their dogs downstate, I brought dogs to their home. We started with me bringing 1 or 2 dogs and by the end of the sessions, I would bring 8 or 10 dogs.

    Aside from the orange-ish leash you will also notice another leash that is actually a long line 100′. All the new guys have to be on a long line in case they decide to try and take off. The dogs are allowed off the long lines when I know they are going to listen, some dogs come off the line after a couple of days and other dogs will need the long line a couple of months.

    A lot of guys kick up a fuss initially, then you talk to them to relax them. Here’s the thing that really helps, all of our guys learn “go”. So if a new guy starts getting a little nervous or riled up, I tell the guys go, which allows me to talk to the new guy.

  3. Excellent! Now, to find me a pack of well socialized dogs in Minneapolis…

    Really neat to see this. She is leashed at first? What do you do if they start kicking up a fuss on leash? Or maybe it doesn’t come up.

  4. Brokenhearted

  5. Cannot keep Champ

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