Submissive Wolf Dog with Two Standard Poodles

Dogs and Wolves

This is a photo of Big-Big at about 2½ years old meeting two of my friend’s Standard Poodles. To get a better look, click on the picture to enlarge it.

What you will see is what in some peoples mind is a ‘big bad wolf ‘, clearly showing submissiveness  to two other dogs with a little more attitude. Make no mistake about it, these are the exact same species, just different breeds of dogs.

The photo was taken in the late nineties sometime.



I realize it’s very difficult for many of us to truly understand or believe that wolves are dogs or vice versa, especially since man started to write down words we have been told that they are different.

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The Spirit Dog

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3 Responses

  1. Is Big-Big another resident at your sanctuary? I saw some of the other pictures you have of her, she’s a beautiful creature.

  2. I believe!!!

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