Banana Head Laceration Dog Photos

These photos of GMB’s wound were taken back in February. If you look closely at the pictures you will see the drain that provided Banana head with many hours of enjoyment, yanking at it until it snapped back into place.

GMB #1

GMB #1

GMB #2

GMB #2

The Spirit Dog


4 Responses

  1. Hello Jennifer,

    Banana head just loves to run around like a maniac and like a child not watching where they are going often bumps or I should say BANGS into things. He did this twice, the first time was a little puncture wound that he left alone, the second time he decided to yank at the little cut until he tore it open about six inches by the next morning (above photo’s).

    Fortunately he seems to be learning all by himself, not to be so clumsy.

    Spirit Dog

  2. What happened to BH??!!

  3. Thank You DrDeb,
    Banana Head the yellow Labrador Retriever has healed wonderfully and is back to his crazy antics.

  4. I wish your dog a full and speedy recovery! Dogs give us so much love and even health benefits:

    They’re the best!

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