The White American Pit Bull Terrier Dog, Shake-a-bee

I would like to thank Natalia for sending me, that spirit dog guy, the CD of  Shake-a-bee pictures. Only about a million years after I took them !!!

Shakes ( possibly one of the best all time dog names) came to spirit animal sanctuary because of some severe nervous behavior issues he displayed, which made it impossible for Nat to safely keep. After I spent some time relaxing Shake-a-bees more or less imagined fears, he’s a much different dog than when he first got here.

It’s actually a pretty simple process that all our new dogs go through. Anyway here’s the Shake-a bee photos, enjoy.

Shakes a little hesitant meeting his new pack.

Shakes a little hesitant meeting his new pack.

Not as nervous, actually pretty happy in this shot.

Not as nervous, actually pretty happy in this shot.

This looks like a good spot, didn't I see a pig head out there.

This looks like a good spot, didn't I see a pig head out there.

I knew I saw one.

I knew I saw one.

The Spirit Dog


9 Responses

  1. Hi abhishek, we actually have another guy that looks the same, Zero.

  2. Hi Al my pitt just looks the same

  3. Yeah, that sounds right. I’m glad you didn’t have to put your dog down (I can’t imagine doing that). He is a beautiful animal and he looks very happy at the sanctuary!

  4. Hi Tom! You must have read it on Dogster, I posted that before I found Spirit Animal Sanctuary last year! That site was wonderful for support, I’m glad you are working with your dog, I hope it works out and I wish you the best! I’m sure you remember some of the people that told me to put Shakes down, well I was blessed to have found Alan. Good luck with your dog!

  5. This makes me so happy. I read Shakes’ story on another forum (I assume it’s the same dog– had problems biting a boyfriend IIRC?) My dog has also has fear-aggression issues—although not as extreme (I’m working on it)–so I was just looking for people going through the same thing. It’s great to know that there are wonderful people out there who will take care of these dogs. Thanks, Spirit guy!

  6. Hi Al,

    Neat pics. You know what would be really cool is to “follow” a dog as he comes to you and kind of see a step-by-step. Pics, comments, how you do what with them. That would really be cool to get the idea of what it takes to settle a dog in.


  7. Hi Nat,

    I’ll see if I can take some pictures of Shakes after he’s been doing his favorite past time. Playing in creek mud !


  8. PS- Good luck to Cooper

  9. Hey Al! It’s 3:40 am and guess what, I was up thinking of Shakes, so I came to read your website as I do every few days and there were the pictures!!!

    Thank you for taking my boy and for making him happy. I will forever be indebted to you and to Spirit Animal Sanctuary… as much as I miss him every single day that goes by, I can now look at these pictures and realize that Shakes has finally found home. You gave him that chance, and you gave me that peace of mind.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Shakey real soon! 🙂


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