Dog Life Saving Tip

The Spirit Dog

Dog Lifesaving Tip Of The Millennium

The very first time that your dog or puppy does anything that you don’t understand and gives you any reason for concern, hire a dog trainer or whatever. I say “or whatever” because everybody that works with dogs will say they deal with all sorts of behavior issues and to many have no clue, hopefully you’ll find someone that can help you.

Anyway the point here is if something your dog does gives you reason for concern get help immediately, because your fears and concerns are not going to go away unless you address the problem right now. Quite often your dog will most likely be displaying a behavior that doesn’t warrant your concern and you need a dog trainer or dog behaviorist that can distinguish the difference and then explain to you what that difference is.

To often, in many homes a dog will do something that the owners don’t like, then they get mad and then they forget about it. This scenario can and sometimes is repeated many times, until it gets to the point where the people have finally had enough and there goes Fido, to the not so happy hunting ground in the sky.

This usually occurs because after the bad behavior episode the dog is usually not put back into a position to repeat the behavior for awhile, so the dog owners erroneously believe that the dog has somehow miraculously learned all by his lonesome, not to do that. Until the next time, that the same or similar circumstances exist and the dog does it again.

An unfortunate error in judgment that will often be fatal to the dogs long term health.

Seriously though, sometimes your dog has no serious behavior problem at all, but that doesn’t matter because you’re still becoming nervous for one reason or another and you may need a little bit of help understanding your dogs behavior better. And other times the dog does have some sort of behavior issue, that is not going to go away by itself without us helping him through his issues.

So in either case , seek out somebody that can help you.

The  Spirit Dog

How many dogs can you count, in this photo?

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