Dog Training & Behavior Should You Repeat A Command

  • If you are training for certain types of dog competitions then the  answer is, no do not repeat your commands.
  • But if you don’t care about training your dog for obedience trails, repeat your commands as often as necessary until your dog listens.
  • The only real problem you can run into with repeating your commands is if your dog doesn’t listen to you relatively quickly after you repeat yourself two or three times. You run the risk of him not listening at all. Assuming of course you took the required time to teach your dog what’s expected of him when you say a particular word
  • A larger problem here is for the individual dog owners that didn’t quite put in enough time, teaching and training your dog to understand those everyday words. Or the individuals that put a lot of time into teaching their dog, but did so in such an ineffective manner that the dog just couldn’t understand the lessons being taught.
  • The problem with the above two scenarios is the individuals will often think the dog is being defiant or worst yet, challenging their authority as pack leader.
  • I got off point a little bit here, don’t be overly concerned with dog training advice that tells you to only give your dog one command. That only really applies to people working towards obedience titles, and has no bearing whatsoever for people that just want to hang out with their dog (s).

The Spirit Dog


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