Sick Dogs, Construction, Every Day Animal Care

I have to apologize for not blog posting as frequently as I normally do. With tending to the health and medical needs of the two late stage kidney disease dog we currently have, along with the normal four or five dogs that are on daily medications. Then it’s finally spring here (kind of)  in the north country, so that means we do a full body shave downs of the coated dogs, fortunately most of the dogs we have are short coated.  Meanwhile coordinating the construction projects which normally entails a lot of calling and begging and pleading to get the work done.

Along with all the standard daily routines of transporting dogs to the vet, everyday animal care feeding, watering, cleaning playing with the dogs. Fund raising which we did a nice job last year and are currently a little ahead of last years pace ( We could use your help, please Donate Here ).

Then we have the stuff that I have learned how to do and gotten good at, but still don’t like doing it. Fixing all our antique farm equipment and heavy equipment that we use on almost a daily basis.

So as much as I like teaching you about animal behavior, I have very little time at present to devote to the spirit dog blog. Some day hopefully soon within the near future we will be receiving enough donations so we can provide some much needed jobs by hiring people to do much of the daily work around here (Hint, Hint).

Thank you for your time.

The Spirit Dog
Alan Papszycki
Spirit Animal Sanctuary Inc.


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