How to stop Extreme Food Aggression or Resource Guarding Dogs

OK, a lot of people just can’t deal with this stuff. So the easiest fix for food aggressive dogs is hire a dog trainer (not a behaviorist) that’s experienced in poison proofing.

Poison proofing a dog, simply teaches a dog that they are only allowed to eat in one specific area or only out of their designated food bowl and are not allowed to eat anywhere else.

This is the simplest way to deal with a food aggressive dog that through normal behavior modification still has a hard time getting it.

To save a dogs life this is one of the instances where negative reinforcement may be necessary, especially if you have children in your home. In this instance the dog will learn only to eat in his crate, kennel, dog food bowl  or special place where nobody will bother him. This also teaches the dog not to eat things that the kids drop on your wooden floor or he finds laying around on the your lawn.

The Spirit Dog

More info with video’s

Is This Food Aggression ; Dogs

Goat Trains Dog to Stop Food Aggression YES IT’S THIS SIMPLE

(thanks Adrienne, I forgot to write about this until one of your comments)

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  1. You’re welcome!

    I assume by “negative reinforcement” that a shock collar is involved to teach the dog to leave stuff alone? Or something else?

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  4. Dog Training Help…

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