How Does Your Dog Show Jealousy

I’m writing a post about jealous dog behavior and I am curios as to how your dog displays his or her jealousy to you. It would be a great help if you can share some of your little or big guys actions.


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Banana Head

Banana Head


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  1. I’m so glad I found this post as I have a lab/corgi mix “Deego” who gets extremely jealous when my girlfriend comes over. He will whine incessantly if the attention isn’t focused on him. If you ignore him he just keeps whining, sometimes he will go as far as to nudge you just to make sure that he’s not being ignored.

    Deego doesn’t get as jealous when I’m paying attention to the other dogs, it’s mostly just with my girlfriend, if we’re sitting on the couch, watching TV etc.

    I’m not sure how to remedy this annoying situation. Sometimes he’s fine if he’s distracted with toys or a bone to chew on, or peanut butter in a kong, but often times that’s not enough!

  2. xy08,

    Obviously, one of the more intelligent dogs amongst the canine clan !

  3. Hello Charlotte,

    Sorry this took so long, sometimes I get swamped with questions. Do you still need some help ?

  4. I have 3 dogs 2 of these were raised together. These are bully breeds. But in October had to purchase county tags and ended up adopting another bully breed puppy. Big mistake I had no idea how this would disrupt the ranks amongst the dogs. My dog which is the alpha of the 3 cannot stand the puppy making any contact with me at all. I have tried to nip it in the bud before the fights start but sometimes there is no stopping it. We have tried the time out method and removed both dogs from the area and made them sit 15 minutes apart from eachother and the family. But my dog will not leave it alone sometimes. I feel as though we have sent mixed signals when trying to correct the behavior since he is the alpha and is trying to establish a dominance over all the dogs. Do not know what to do. We have stayed to the order of the dogs the whole time, they are fed in order and played with as to a order but my dog I say will tolerated the young one but this will not last long because at the young one gets older I think he is trying to take rank. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Chakotay, a great dane (alas! no longer with us!) & Charlie, the-stray-who-came-to-stay : When Charlie would come up for hugs & attention, Chakotay didn’t like it, but he would use his “doggy smarts” to remedy the situation: Chakotay knew that Charlie would come running and steal any toy he, Chakotay, was playing with. When Charlie was getting the attention that Chakotay wanted, Chakotay would go grab a toy, shake in front of Charlie, then drop the toy. Charlie would immediately run to snatch the toy, running off with it to add it to his collection in his crate. Chakotay would step in and get the hugs and attention that Charlie was getting. Pretty clever !

  6. Hello Jenn,

    Possibly, shesheshe would be apropos. What a ya think, teach ?

  7. Hi Al,

  8. That’s so funny, Adrienne, my husband does what your Chi-IG does for attention!!! ;))

  9. Ha! My little Chi-IG will physically interject herself in between my other dog and myself, tail going a mile a minute and with total confidence. While my Shelt Terrier (Rat Terrier – Sheltie cross) grumbles and whines at her.
    The Shelt Terrier will just whine and stare intensely when she wants me to pet her instead and the Chi-IG is on my lap/bed/etc.

    An interesting thing is, the little one, the Chi-IG wil run around the room looking furiously interested in one area after another when the terrier is on my lap. When she gets OFF my lap to investigate the little one hops up. Too funny! She is so good at this that it took me months to catch on that it was intentional.

  10. It works just about everytime!! It’s those beautiful pit bull eyes that get me.

  11. Hey Jenn,
    Does Ralph remind you of the rules before going to the dog park, “Don’t you dare look at another dog”.

  12. Hello M.R.,

    The big baby, I betcha it works on you guys every time, and rightfully so.. they learn real fast how easy it is to play us, what are you going to do.

  13. When we are at the dog run we are careful not to give attention to any dog before Ralph has made friendly contact with him/her. If we do, he immediately comes between us, barks or whines, then will harrass that dog for the rest of the day.

  14. Our boy is a 4-1/2 year old lab/pit mix we got from a shelter. He shows jealousy a couple of different ways depending on the situation.
    We were “adopted” by a stray cat that started coming around about 8 months ago & she has since worked her way into the house. They get along great, but if the cat’s getting some attention & the dog’s not, he will lay on his bed and give the biggest look of total depression you’ve ever seen. Or he will try to put himself between you & the cat so that he can get in on the action too.
    If he’s out walking on a leash & sees another dog running around or sees a dog having fun that he wants to interact with, he will growl as though he is talking to them. This sort of ‘talking’ he does has started since he has gotten older. He also does this to greet people he knows.

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