Domesticated House Dog Remembers Her Roots and Turns Wild

Dave and Jan Griffith, Sophie’s dog story.

An Australian Cattle Dog, oddly enough actually from Australia, has survived a four month ordeal on the remote island of St. Bees in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The dog named Sophie Tucker after one tough babe herself, swam five nautical miles before finding land, after going overboard from the family boat in rough seas.

Sophie the dog survived by predominantly catching and eating baby goats, and most likely she may have also hunted and dined on smaller prey animals. This does not surprising me that Sophie learned how to hunt to survive, after all dogs are predators. What does surprise me is that she was able to swim five miles and actually find land, and who knows unless she made a bee line for that island she probably swam many more miles.

I wish I could of saw the happy reunion between Jan, Dave and Sophie.

The Spirit Dog

Link to Video of Sophie back home.


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