Rural Satellite Internet Speed Test Hughsnet vs Wildblue

March 25 2009

Here’s another speed test comparison between satellite Internet providers, Hughsnet and Wildblue .  Transfer rates

Todays Hughsnet Speed Test

Today’s Wildblue (my blue dish) speed test

I’m not going to bother putting the links in to my other speed test comparisons for these two satellite Internet service providers, because all the results are similar.

Oddly when I read some online forums you have some people that say they have much higher transfer rate speeds with Wildblue, then you have the people that get my terrible speeds. I’ve speed tested the two services many times, with many different speed tests and the results are always similar.

The Spirit Dog

P.S.  Before I attempted to run the new tests I had to unplug the Wildblue modem so it could reboot. That still cracks me up.


21 Responses

  1. I have Wildblue, and my speed test shows 7+ mbps downloads and 1.23 uploads, every time i check it.

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  5. I can’t seem to get a speed test. How do I do it?sa

  6. Wild blue SUCKS … I have been a customer for over three years and I can honestly say dial up blows their service out of the water. I have an installer coming from hughs net today and we will see what this adventure has to offer.

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  10. my speed is running less than 1 mg, thats slow.
    why ? i hear all that talk about new satelite, but when
    & will there be a faster down load speed ?
    why is it taking so long to get new satelite in effect ?
    i want to be notified if my account is about to reach
    the maxium download of 12,000 MG download.

  11. When I got WildBlue in 2011, I was told it was 25 times faster than my dial-up PeoplePC. After paying for repair service twice, getting technical support several times from WildBlue and Belkin, my router, I still have very slow speed on both my desktop computer and my laptop. During cloudy weather and rain, I cannot get on the Internet, and that has happened very often this year. I’m very dissatisfied with WildBlue, but cannot pay to get out of my contract.


  12. did’nt like that?

  13. I have had both. Hughes is run by thieves and liars. They are still chasing me for $54.00 they charged me for extra speed they never gave me. I talked to customer service and he said it would be waived.
    He lied. one year later a phony lawyer is sending me recorded messages.

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  16. Hey! Thanks much for the Blog ! I was going to go with wildblue until I saw the speed tests you did.

  17. i also tried in

  18. good

  19. Hello Bill,

    1. I had Wildblue’s Pro package before down grading to economy in either December or January. I have Hughsnets Elite.
    2. —
    3. 13309
    4… ( includes two speed tests) also
    5. Wildblue 13, 14 months maybe. Hughsnet 5,6,7 months.


  20. The answer to question 2 is now obvious 😉

  21. I work at WildBlue and would like to get some additional information regarding your test results.

    1. What tier of service do you have with WildBlue and Hughes?

    2. What tool are you using to you using to perform your test?

    3. Where were the tests performed (zip code) ?

    4. Can I get copies of your other test results?

    5. How long have you been a WildBlue customer? Hughes?


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