Lost Basset Hound Update Owner No Emotion

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After having the lost Basset Hound (named Copper) sleep on my chest the last three nights, we got a call from the owner. That made me happy, although speaking on the phone the guy didn’t seem all that thrilled that we had found his lost dog.

When the man came to pick up his dog there was no ” Hello, Copper”, or “I was so worried, Copper” or ” Where did you go, Copper”, there was just “yea, that’s him”.

Going by the dogs body language and emotion when the owner pulled up in his almost brand new four wheel drive pick-up truck, Copper wasn’t all that thrilled to see him and judging by the guys reaction, wasn’t all that thrilled to see Copper. Hopefully his wife and children show the dog some more emotion and at least spend some time with the little guy.

Whenever I find a lost dog I take great pride in my ability to reunite him with his owners, just thinking about how sad the family is and seeing how confused and scared the dog is just breaks my heart.

If they would have had dog tags on the dog, I could of just called them up and told them I have their dog. Instead of us paying to have flyers made, calling veterinary clinics and local animal shelters, then spending about five or six hours driving around wasting gas putting up the found dog flyers everywhere.

Most people do all that stuff when they lose a dog, how many people do it when they find one.

Please make sure you keep ID tags on your dog, it’s the best chance you have of having your lost dog returned to you.

The Spirit Dog


7 Responses

  1. On the occasions I find lost dogs, thankfully most people are very happy to see their little guy.

  2. Good post, I would heartbroken If I lost one of my pooches.

  3. It is always best to try and believe in the basic ‘good’ in people. I would have done the same thing as you did.
    And I too hold your hope that Copper in fact does have a family that love and missed him. Bassets tend to be roamers. I was involved in the rescue of a Basset a few months back. She was one of the most loveable animals I have ever encountered but given the opportunity she would give me the slip and go wandering on some unknown quest, tracking ..lol

  4. Yea, probably. But you don’t know if the people are heartbroken or not, until they show up. I’m guessing the guy would have had no problem not calling, if someone in his house didn’t make him call. So I have to have hope and believe that Copper is loved by his wife and kids.

  5. I bet Copper is pissed at you!! Sounds like he was attempting to run away from home!!!! You screwed up his escape.

  6. He would have to get lucky twice. This is a very rural area that means no street lights and he had to cross a pretty dangerous road to get to where I found him. If I didn’t drive real slow, I probably would have hit him. For some reason that makes little sense to me, all the roads in rural areas are 55 mile per hour, except when you get into towns.
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  7. I guess I won’t be surprised if Cooper finds a way to get back to you, Al… Good work, though.

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