Found, Male Basset Hound in Boonville New York

Tuesday night ( March 17th 2009) driving back from picking up animal supplies, I found a male Basset Hound (in tact) wearing a black collar (no tags) on East Road at the border line between Lewis and Oneida counties. In Northern New York.

He is mostly tan with a white freckled neck and chest. I have never seen this dog before and I am familiar with all the dogs that are allowed loose on their property, this guy had the unmistakable look of a confused and lost dog.

When I stopped opened the van door and called him, he came over and tried to jump up into my van. The vans pretty high so I had to pick him up, gave him a couple cans of dog food which he devoured then drank some water before going to sleep in the passenger seat.

If you know anybody up this way that has a Basset, please give them a call to see if their missing their little guy.

You can contact me by leaving a comment or by visiting and sending an email.


The Spirit Dog


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