Pit Bull Playing Gets Blamed For Dog Attack In Alabama

This is the same type of story, that I wrote an article about awhile ago.Your Dogs Safety, Phantom Dog bites and Children

The news story uses a rather sensational headline ” Dog Attacks Loxley Toddler”, as they should, it’s just business and they want people to read it. And yes I tried to do the same thing with my title, but their just a little better at it than I am.

Then in the first sentence they write how the boy was “attacked and bitten by a Pit Bull”. Oh, he’s good that probably got a lot of reads.

Here’s the link for the story as reported by Pat Peterson, online at WKRG.com News. There’s a video of the child talking to a news reporter in his yard. I would like you to pay close attention to the bite mark on the little boys leg, this is not a bite.

Tell me what you think.


Below is a different video.

See what a dog can do if it really wants to.
Sadly this little girl was attacked pretty good.

The Spirit Dog


6 Responses

  1. Hello Nicole,

    When a little dog attacks a big dog, the big dog still gets the blame for the incidence. I’ll give you kind of an example of the human mentality that goes into that thinking. A couple weeks back a woman was walking her Golden Retriever past my parked van at a convenience store, the golden jumped up on the side of the van and started barking like a maniac at an old Pit bull I was taking for a ride. Cy Cy the old Pit bull, while still laying down on the back seat barked back at the woman’s Golden Retriever, when I looked at the woman she just shook her head with disgust at me and said “Pit bull”.

    You think her reaction would of been the same if it had been one of our Golden Retrievers in the van at the time ?

  2. Hey! Watch it! I own an Akita, very sweet dog too. I bet a Chihuahua would be just as likely to attack as an Akita, doberman, pit or any dog for that matter… If you have traveled this site at all before I’m sure you have noticed the “all dogs are the same” pattern….

  3. As the owner of two pit bull terriers, it angers me to see this wonderful breed get blamed for mans stupidity! This kid may have been bitten, but it wasn’t by a pit bull, mosquito, maybe. If this had been an actual attack, and not a misunderstood ” I wanna play”, this little boy would be in bruised, and have visisble deep puncture wounds. When you don’t understand something, or are uneducated about it, its easier to hate it. Doberman pinchers and Akita’s are 76% more likely to attack than a pit. And Akita’s go for the throat!

  4. It looks more like a bite from Dracula than a dog bite to me. Side-by-side and same size? Hmmm…

  5. The problem with that story and there’s a lot like that, they are making a mountain out of a mole hill. And too many people automatically believe it. It’s a human fear issue.

    Yea, the pit bull thing just makes it a little more juicy.

  6. Completely agree. The marks on the boy were not consistent with an attack. If it was an attack, he’d be a lot more “tore up” as the little girl put it, than he was. Was likely a playful gesture and some out of hand mouthing.

    But of course, this is a pitbull, so the media always runs with it.

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