Excited Dogs Will Fight or Bite

Happy dogs that live together can fight if they get too excited.

Some dogs when they get highly excited will start fighting with any other dog that happens to be in close proximity to them. This includes and is not limited to dogs in their pack and this is not a dominance issue, it’s a moron issue.

This is not an uncommon occurrence in multiple dog households when the dog owners come home from work, and one should not think they have a dog aggressive dog on their hands because of this. Excitement can cause dog fights.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the mathematical formula for this is :  ∃ n ∈ : n is even.

There are also times when a dog owner is having fun playing fetch with their dogs only to have an excitable skirmish breakout if their dogs are getting a little too excited during play. For those of you that have one or two dogs like this the key to modifying the excitable idiot behavior so they don’t mix it up, is knowing when to slow down the play. Reel them in, if you will.

The Spirit Dog

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  1. Great blog! I adopted 4 year old male Charlie a couple of months ago. He is extremely well mannered in the house (especially considering he had never been taught basic cues and hadnt been neutered- he is now). Since I adopted him he has been fairly agressive with other male dogs until last week when he was calm (i presumed the effects of neturing starting to kick in) and I even took him to a dog park and to his delight let him off leash. i dont know what happened but 2 days ago he went all agressive again… any ideas on why he reverted back?

  2. You’re welcome Dianne, and good luck with Addy.

  3. Thanks for your help on this. I’ve been working with a trainer with Addy and she has gotten a lot better. She still is a little bit crazy but everything she does has to do with the fact that she has a very strong herding instinct. We are working on impulse control and getting her to have fun when playing without going over the top excited.

  4. Hello Dianne,

    Did I ever get back to you on this ?

  5. Pretty much, not. I’ve decided to go back to basics and get some one on one obedience training coupled with behavior modification. I started today and already see a difference. The trainer observed us and remarked that basically I’ve given Addy too much freedom at too young an age. As a herding dog, she considers me her “sheep” and, given her inappropriate level of excitement in “her” car, she bit me in the back in the same way she would have nipped at a sheep she was in charge of. She’s back on the leash for now and must learn that I am the alpha, not the sheep. I will work hard to fix the problems that I have created. She needs to learn self control, a challenge for such a high energy dog with a lot of instinct to chase, but I am dedicated to making this work.

  6. Hi Dianne,

    Does she listen to you when your not in the car and she see’s something ?

  7. Small distraction: birds, bicycles. She gets very excited when in the car or when at obedience or agility class with other dogs. Also when a car drives by. Basically, when anything is moving fast she is greatly distracted. One trainer commented that she has a high predatory instinct, hence the chasing. She is a great listener and watches me intently. The only time she pays virtually no attention is when something fast is going by and, of course, when I ask for “quiet” in the car I may as well talk to the car itself.

  8. Hello Diane,

    Just like the this post this you left the comment for excited dogs will grab anything close to them, so this was not done with any malicious intent. But that doesn’t help you a whole lot, does it. This is going to take some work on your part, but you’re going to have to start trying to calm her down when she gets excited. Attempt to calm her when she gets mildly excited ( small distractions if there is such a thing as a small distraction in her mind).

    Tell me what gets her mildly excited and what gets her very excited. Also I need to know, in what circumstances does she listen to you now ?

  9. My german shepherd dog bit me in the back today after a delightful walk in the local park, off leash. She is not aggressive at all but acts nervous when in the car. She “talks” in the backseat and chases cars as they pass. After jumping into the backseat, when I got into the car behind the steering wheel, I felt a sharp pain in my back. The dog clearly bit me, but did not break skin. Can you help explain this behavior. She is almost 22 months old and has always been way too excited in the car. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.

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