Dog Cookie Biscuit Recall

Dog Cookie / Biscuit Recall

Alaska Canine Cookies Recalls Certain Canine Cookies Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk.

All three flavors (Peanut Butter, Power Bone, and Carrot Cake) come in a “Filled with Fun” bag (diagonally striped bag containing 3 large bones) and a “Woof Pack” (15 ounce bag labeled “Alaskan “Woof” Pack” with the Husk E. Dog on the front containing approximately 45 medium bones). Both the Filled with Fun and the Woof Pack, as well as any other Canine Cookie with a 1 ½ inch bone shaped sticker reading “Peanut Butter for Dogs, a natural treat for dogs” are included.

Additionally, the “Lollipup” (available only in the peanut butter flavor) comes in a 1 ounce bag with the Husk E. Dog on the front, and has the name “Lollipup” on the back and contains 1 large bone.

The “Polar Pooch Pouch” (offered only in the carrot cake flavor) is a 5 ounce bag with the Husk E Dog on the front, with “canine carrot cake” written across the front of the bag and contains 12 medium bones. There are no product codes or UPC codes for these products.

Alaska Canine Cookies were distributed in our 4 stores, (Anchorage, downtown Anchorage in the 5th Avenue Mall, Homer, and Wasilla) and on the website (

FDA Release :

The Spirit Dog :


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