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Can All Dogs Be Socialized ?

(synopsis of post)   After you have correctly socialized a dog.

  • Some dogs will play with most dogs they meet.
  • Some dogs will play with some of the dogs they meet.
  • Some dogs will play with very few dogs if any.

    A certain percentage of the emails or comments I receive asking me for dog help have to do with socializing someone’s dog. The subject matter of this post, “Can All Dogs Be Socialized”, is a topic that’s not discussed as often as it should be.

    Too often when somebody buys a brand new puppy or adopts a dog, they want to make sure that puppy or dog has the best life possible. This will usually entail the dog owner wanting to socialize their new puppy / dog in the hope that he will be able to happily play with other dogs.

    So, can all dogs be socialized ? That really depends on your definition of socialization.

    1. Some dogs, and these dogs are in the minority, will happily play with just about every dog they ever meet. They will even be able to get some nervous dogs to play with them. I must mention again that these playing machine dogs are relatively rare.
    2. Most dogs, these dogs being the majority, after you correctly socialize them, will play with some dogs and not with others.
    3. Some dogs you can socialize until you’re blue in the face but then they still just want to be by themselves.

    Even if you do everything right while socializing your dog, some dogs just don’t want to play with anybody except you. If this is the case, please don’t think you did something wrong or that there is something wrong behaviorally with your dog.

    The Spirit Dog

    Thank you Jennifer

    Copyright © 2009 A.S.Papszycki

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