Spirit Dog Sanctuary Weather Boonville New York

February 24th 2009, 23:25

After three or four days of spring like temperatures early last week, we got a quick reminder of why this is called The North Country. From February 19th thru February 23rd we received 24 new inch’s of snow on top of the fourteen inches still on the ground, with current Spirit Animal Sanctuary thermometers reading -3 degrees.

Total Boonville, New York snowfall for the 2008-2009 winter season now stands at 207 inches. For those of you keeping track, that’s 17 feet of snow.

The Spirit Dog

It Looks Warm Out

It Looks Warm Out


7 Responses

  1. im looking for any information on how can i donate a little shih tzu female puppy born on fathers day may 19 of this year. she was born blind. we name her tiny for being the littles one in the litter.we want tiny to recieved all the atention that a special needs puppy needs. tiny plays around the house like a normal puppy. but we can not give her the atention that she deserves. anyone with some info.please call ralph or nellie at 718 300 0231

  2. I have a small 501(c)3 rescue organization. Last year we pulled a 3 year old neutered maltipoo from a NYC kill shelter. He is unpredicatable, and is aggressive with SOME people. He was adopted 2x but returned due to this. He also is marker (pee), which doesn’t help matters. He is fine with other animals, dogs, cats, etc. He was on behavior meds for a while with no difference noted. I cannot continue to help other dogs if I can not place him. I am hoping to find out how to get Nico on a list for placement with Spirit..my cell number is 732-829-1426… Thank you

  3. I am writing about a 1 year old shep mix, 45 pounds, who was kept with a foster in Tennessee and was not provided any human contact. She is a pack dog who loves other dogs but is very scared of people. She is not dog aggressive or human aggressive. The only incident of record is when someone leaned over her head and she scratched his nose when pulling away. With much patience and time she will allow people to gently pet her but she is timid the whole time. She is too young to give up on but she needs more attention than she can get from her current foster. Otherwise, she would do well in a situation where she can run with other dogs. Do you have any advice to offer? Thank you, Dorrie

  4. My husband and I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback who has been diagnosed with fear aggression by a behaviorist at Cornell University.He has bitten me several times.We do not want to have him euthanized.Do you have any openings in your facility for such a dog?

  5. Sorry I missed this Brett, still need any advice ?

  6. Hi,

    I hope this email finds you well.

    I volunteer with an animal shelter and we have a dog that needs to find a new place to live; either a new shelter to live in or even better a sanctuary to live out her days.

    How does one get a dog into a sanctuary?

    She is a young mutt, mid size, she can get very excited, and is weary of strangers.

    Any advice you have would be much appreciated.



  7. Hi ive been trying to reach you by phone, no answer. I wanted to see if you could still groom Bear. His nail are really long and he growls. If you can please call back. () 738-4388. Thank You.

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