Don’t Confuse Nervous Dogs For Aggressive Dogs

Nervous dog behavior is one of the most misunderstood dog behaviors there is. Most people and some dog trainers included think that a growling, snarling and barking dog is displaying alpha or dominant dog behaviors. ( Growling and barking is a clear indication of nervousness, unless specifically taught otherwise).

Then there are some people that think the normal playing behaviors of puppies, the mouthing which is mistaken as biting is a sign of a dominant puppy.  ( A Puppy mouthing you is a normal happy puppy behavior. If you yell at them to stop this behavior you run the risk of turning this happy little guy into a nervous wreck somewhere down the line).

Then there are some individuals that think if their puppy or dog doesn’t listen to them when they tell their dog to do something, the dog must be challenging them for leader of the pack position. ( There are a couple of reasons why a dog doesn’t listen to you. 1- Although you may have spent plenty of time teaching the dog, your dog didn’t understand what you were trying to teach him. 2- Maybe you didn’t spend enough time teaching the dog. 3- Some dogs just like some people aren’t too smart, you may have an idiot. In which case try something different with him.

The purpose of this post is  a lot of dog owners think they have an alpha dog on their hands, and that’s probably not accurate. So the main focus on your behavior modification should be geared towards building the dogs confidence.

The Spirit Dog

Copyright © 2009 A.S.PAPSZYCKI

2 Responses

  1. Thanks Mel, and happy valentines day.

  2. So completely agree with this post. Thank you for educating folks on dogs, dog behavior and the common misconceptions!

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