The Worlds Most Useful Dog Training Commands,

Once you have familiarized yourself with and mastered the the dog training behavior terminology used by the experts, you to will have the best trained dog around.

The following dog training terms are courtesy of world renowned dogologist Tenzington Fluergenson.

  1. What the hells a matter with you ?
  2. Shuuut Uuuuup !
  3. Stupid Idiot.
  4. What the fu*k.
  5. Stop licking me.
  6. Enough already !
  7. Where do you think you’re going ?
  8. Lets go.
  9. Alright already, get out of the car.
  10. This is my food, you ate already.

We would like to thank Mr. Fluergenson, for sharing some of his highly effective dog language with us.

What’s you’re bestest dog training term / command ?


7 Responses

  1. instalcje przemysłowe – instalcje przemysłoweinstalcje przemysłowe.

  2. I like, shut up knuckle head, come here numb nuts, or come here chef boy r dee dog orr your a real Macintosh.

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    Actions speak louder than words.

  4. It depends on the day for me. Sometimes the bark and howl just reverberates around the room sawing my nerves raw, and other days it’s wonderful. I think the irritation factor is Mr. Skeeter’s tendency to be whiny– when he’s a whiny-butt, his whine/bark grates on me. I love Miss Ginny’s bay, even though it is LOUD.

  5. The howling sessions are my favorite part of the day.

  6. I use 2 (during the morning bark and howl session), 4 and 5 a lot =). I also use a lot, “This is my table! Get your nose off of it!”

    Thank you for your Happy Valentine’s Day well wishes. I hope you and yours had a lovely day.

    BTW, Mr. Lew took Mr. Skeeter to the vet for his rabies booster. Vet visits can be hard, but Mr. Skeeter was *wonderful*! He is learning!!!! Yay!

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