Dogs Will Bite The Hand That Feeds Them, Food Aggression

Dogs Will Bite The Hand That Feeds Them, Quick Dog Behavior Tip

Some dogs don’t care if you mess with or take their food while other dogs will bite you if you go near their food. This has absolutely nothing to do with dominance issues. In the dog world you can have alphas that are possessive of their food, and yet you can have other alpha dogs that don’t care if you want some of their food.

The same holds true for the whole spectrum of dogs all the way down to the most submissive of animals. Some nervous or submissive dogs will walk away from their food if you come near it, while other submissive dogs will turn into raving lunatics if they think your trying to take their food.

The main point here is the standard dog training advice (which can get you bit) that is commonly given when dealing with a food aggressive dog is to practice putting your hands in the dog’s food bowl. Although that may work with some food aggressive dogs, be assured you will be bit by others.

So remember with some dogs you have a real good chance of getting bit, if you practice the dog training advice that tells you to stick your hands in the dogs food.

The Spirit Dog

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  1. Why does my bulldog only bite at night

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