Dog Body Language, Playful and Not

Yet some more indisputable proof that a Wolf is nothing more than another breed of dog. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, no dogs come pre-domesticated, it is somebodies job in that household to teach domestication to your puppy dog. Regardless of what breed or type of dog it is.

Any dog professional that tells you that wolves and dogs are different behaviorally, probably doesn’t know all that much about dogs in general.

Both videos are of the same dog, the difference in the dogs behavior is determined by whoever is interacting with that dog.

Dog At Play Video

Dog Doesn’t Want To Be Bothered Video

The Spirit Dog


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  1. Me??!! You’re the one on East Coast time. Besides, tonight is early, last night I was reading your blog till 3am. I am your newest fan!

  2. What are you still doing up, Adrienne? 🙂

    That’s one of the coolest things when you know what your dogs are saying by listening to them.

  3. Wow! I’ll say profound! I know your post up top said it was the same dog and I figured I must’ve mis-read it. And thank you! I have a very vocal pair of dogs right now and they are very communicative with a wide range of sounds. They crack me up on a regular basis.

  4. Hi again Adrienne,

    Actually it’s the same dog. This post was also meant to show how the differences in our human behavior can have such a profound effect and reaction, on the way our dogs act. In these two particular videos the guy happens to have a better understanding of how to communicate with dogs, then his wife or girlfriend has.
    Some households are like this, and then there are those households that it’s the guy that doesn’t understand dog behavior well enough and will put themselves at an elevated risk of being bitten.
    And yes not only is the dogs facial expressions very clear in saying “please leave me alone”, but you got it 100% correct with the sounds. There’s not a whole lot of people that can tell that, by the sound alone.

  5. So I say that the second “dog” is showing remarkable forebearance with his idiot owner. Hear that one groaning sound, not the first warning one? That’s the “oh jesus I give up with you being so rude” sound. Then he just plays keep away with his face.

    My take anyhow.

  6. Let me first say that I like your site. I am proud that you involved yourself with canines as I did in my lifetime. We have things in common, I came from the Bronx from a Polish background. About four decades ago, I received my first wolf mix as I was an animal warden in Westchester. I took him home rather than put him to sleep. Since then, I moved West and am located in the Cascade Mountains. In the past, I used GSD’s for Search and Rescue operations. I saved many GSD’s and adopted them all. Always had a pack, up to fifteen at one time. Now, I have five timber wolves and three GSD’s.
    I will state that dogs share behavior patterns. In the wolf, they are more pronounced. When I come home. the wolves seranade me with waves of howling. The dogs bark. When I enter the house, the dogs lick me and do the “happy dance”. The wolves will bound thro the air in a rituall that depends on how much they love you. I get a flurry of “nips” on my body and at lightening speed! The teeth just gently caress my skin. Then they mix that behavior with individualized howls, their high pitched whining type of talk. They touch their front paws to your chest area but they are light footed. They take more of their weight on their hind legs than a dog doing this. A dog “leans” against you when they do this behavior. A wolf controls their body more so. My alpha wolf is a joy. He loves me so much that when he nuzzles, it more like a feline. A wolf’s mouth is drier than a dogs. A wolf will drool before and during eating.
    A wolf has to mark his food with their scent. In a wolf’s mind, they are making a “kill” and go through motions that say so. A wolf will pick up a scent that is two miles away and on the other side of a mountain! My GSD’s are not that good. Wolves smell different. My wolves get along with cats also. One day, my alpha GSD came to the rescue of the wolf pups. The wolves sleep together. The dogs share the same room but they sleep apart usually. When the GSD’s play, it a dominant game. When the wolves play, it more about running. One day, I’ll get my daughter to help me post photos of the Timber Wolves and Shepherds. I am not that pc literate…more a mountain man.

  7. I have to differ. Wolf behavior is different than dog behavior. There are many thing that dogs and wolves share but behavior is not one of them. For the past forty years, I’ve raised German Shepards and Timber wolves. There is a line that they themselves drew and they are prejudiced! Dogs don’t trust wolves and therefore stay socially inactive when the wolves engage them in play. Wolf language is plentiful compared to dogs. Wolf depends more on his nose than a dog. Their greetings are more numerous and diversified. I’ll take the wolf over any dog, any day. Dogs have to be taught while it is inherent in a wolf. A wolf may teach you something!

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