Playing Tug Games with my Dog, Taboo or Just Good Fun

Playing Tug Games with my Dog

Taboo or Just Good Fun

Many people ask about playing tug games (tug-o-war) with their puppy or dog. It is not only OK for you to play tug of war with your dog, but it is also an intricate part of your dog or puppy’s overall physical and mental well being.

Can you let your dog win at tug-of-war ?

Of course you can, it should really be a fifty-fifty thing. Meaning you win half the time and let your dog win half the time. Well, truth be told, if your dog always listens to you when you tell him to stop doing something, than it doesn’t really matter who winds up with the prize most of the time. Because in my book if you have a dog that listens to you when you say “OK, that’s enough” that’s all the obedience you will ever need.

I know that you have probably heard that playing tug games with your dog has the potential to make him aggressive, just as I am sure you have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, if that were true I do believe the AMA would have bought up all the apple orchards and burned them to the ground.

So if the only thing that’s been holding you back all these years from playing tug games with your dog is the notion that it makes him aggressive, forget about it and start playing like a dog. You can find about a gazillion tug toys at your local pet shop, pick up a couple and have some fun.

The Spirit Dog

Thank You Jennifer

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2 Responses

  1. Hello Teagan,

    Are you guys in the area that got a lot of snow recently ? If you did I hope you had some fun.


  2. I reckon it’s great fun, I love playing tug o war – I think it’s working dogs that aren’t supposed to “win”. Mind you I wouldn’t want to give up a pheasant if I got hold of one! I’m not going to work so I play tug whenever I can… best time is with the towel after I’ve had a shower and mummy is trying to dry me!
    Woofs & wags to all the big dogs, love Teagan x

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