Is It OK For My Dog To Sleep In MY Bed

The Question : Is it a show of dominance if my dog tries to sleep in my bed ?

The Answer :  Not only is it not an attempt by your dog to show dominance, but your dogs mind couldn’t even remotely conceive of this as a dominance issue. Let alone trying to show dominance in this way.

The Issue : Humans in our infinite wisdom have adamantly described this as a dominance play by our dogs, because of what we consider to be dominant positions. Height equals power in our human logic.

1-  The Kings Throne.

2- A Judges bench.

3- The Penthouse.

4- Worship at the feet of.

5-The head of the table.

6- Kids always want the top bunk.

7- I Call Shotgun (a guy/car thing meaning, “I got the front passenger seat”)

Somehow over the years this type of mentality has made it’s way into the behavior field while describing a dogs inherent behaviors.

Let me reiterate dogs like to sleep with their pack regardless of where the pack sleeps, whether it’s the floor, couch or your bed. If your dog prefers to sleep in the lap of luxury on your brand new posturepedic mattress, so be it.

Now if you have a dog that growls at you while they are laying on your wonderful new bed, I would suggest to you that this is not a dominance issue related to your bed. And I would bet that your dog also growls at you, even if he’s sleeping on the floor.

The Spirit Dog

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4 Responses

  1. Hello Lili,

    That is the big problem I have with most of the dog training world. If they subscribe to the notion that something like this is an dominance issue, which is inaccurate. They are not going to have too much success helping people with dogs that are dealing with some serious behavior issues.

  2. This is great!
    Two dog trainers I have spoken to told me that because my dog has aggression issues (not with me) he should never sleep in my bed. They were very strict about this rule and said it was a dominance problem. There is so much misinformation everywhere!

  3. Your welcome Teagan,

    We kind of like chewing up the comforters with all that white fluffy stuff in them. And the best part is we don’t get yelled at for doing it, something too do with the tough lives we have had before living here.

    Say hello to the big bear and cows for us.


  4. Hey, thank you Spirit Dog – that’s grrrreat news.. I’m going to print that out and leave it on the kitchen table for my dad to read in the morning!! I only get to ‘sleep’ with my mum & dad on Saturday and Sunday mornings.. I never growl, but I do like to nibble holes in the duvet cover and mum always complains about all the ‘dog crumbs’ I leave behind on the sheets!
    Wags from Teagan x

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