Formerly Very Nervous Dogs Now Happy Dogs Photo’s

Here at Spirit Animal Sanctuary we get the dogs that bit people one too many times, to be able to stay in that home. Remember what your dealing with here is varying forms of nervous or fear aggression, that in some instances were the by product of good dog people just misunderstanding their dog. The other form being inherited behavior, this is normal.

Anyway a friend that has their dog here with us took a bunch of pictures a couple of weeks ago and sent me the CD. Without further a due Happy Spirit Dogs December 2008.


Cyrus, Dozer, Seedy


Diesel, Cy-Cy

Brewster & Bosley

Brewster & Bosley

Bauer, Macy, Noonan

Bauer, Macy, Noonan


When we learn how to make dogs happy it relieves their fears.

The Spirit Dog


6 Responses

  1. Hello Gilly,

    Before this unfortunate event, how well did your baby play with other dogs at the park?
    If she did play, were they dogs that she had previously met and played with?
    The dogs that chased her, did she ever encounter them before ?
    To the best of your knowledge, has she ever been snippy with any other dogs ?

  2. Wondered if you could help with where i am going wrong with my nervous aggressive dog. She is 3 years old, incrediblyy smart and our communication is lovely – however – she was chased for 10 minutes by two big dogs and she ran for her life. though i stayed calm and called her obviouslyshe was in flight mode and couldnt listen – and if i chased her it would have freaked her out more i had to let it run its natural course( or so i thought at the time) when she went past me and got her too me and leashed her and calmy requested and genlty pushed her bum into sit position. the two dogs came over and sniffed her for a while and i could see her body relax a bit but it was as if as soon as she thought she was not being attacked anymore and relaxed one of the dogs lunged right at her again snarling and trying to bite her. I pulled the leash back and walked off the field with her. since then she has had nervous aggression and i am doing nothing to reassure her im sure .. how do you stay calm when a big dog bounced up to her? how do i help her? ghayes2004(at) – many thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Hello Gladys,

    To help out a nervous dog we must get happy, when they get nervous. And we actually have to be happy, we can’t fake an emotion with a dog. When Sasha (it is Sasha isn’t it ?) gets nervous for whatever reason, try to get her focused on you by being and talking to her happily. What have you done in the past with her to get her happy or excited ?


  4. nice article.
    but what do you do to help a 14 yeats old dog that is getting nervous but not aggresive?

    lovely picture

  5. We love the snow here, but you have to hear that spirit guy curse sometimes when he’s sitting on his almost as old as he is tractor plowing the snow. And the snow blows down his back.


  6. Love the dogs in snow photos, we’re sooo jealous – we were hoping for snow this year, but no such luck. Probably for the best as even just a few inches has everything grinding to a halt over here. Sarah [Teagan’s mum]

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