January 14th 2009 Spirit Animal Sanctuary Weather


at 7:24 am

Baby that’s cold. And it’s been dropping for the last 3 hours, that’s not good considering the sun is coming up and it’s still getting colder. I’m all for the environment and everything, but where’s all this global warming I keep hearing about.

And all of our guys (dogs) here are still playing in the snow, well almost all of them anyway. Some of the older guys and the newer guys with short coats, go out do their business play a couple of minutes than run back inside to play.

The only bad part about when we finally get to our not to uncommon winter temperatures, is how much Kerosene we go through heating the doggy homes (up north regular heating oil will jell up in anything close to these temperatures if you have outside fuel tanks) and how hard it is on our vehicles. As anybody living up in the more colder climates can attest, gasoline engines actually groan when you start them up.

Oops now it’s-16..%$#@&*(..

Won’t you please Donate to help keep our dogs warm.

$50. Keeps our guys warm for one day.

$100. Heat for two days.

$350. Gives our dogs, heat for a week.

All Of This Takes Money, and We Need Your Help!

Or, Mail your donation to:
Spirit Animal Sanctuary
2539 East Road, Boonville, NY 13309
631-379-2554 — info@spiritanimal.orghttp://www.spiritanimal.org

Spirit Animal Sanctuary Inc. is a registered charitable organization. All donations are deductible to the full extent of the law.

The Spirit Dog


5 Responses

  1. Because they like the idea of a ‘pet’ but not thedander and inconvenience of having them in the household, much likehaving a child and letting others raise it or shipping it off to boarding school!!!

  2. Yea we do. And I’ll never understand the point regardless of what the whether conditions are, of people having dogs only to keep them outside.

  3. Hopefully you don’t have the idiots we do here that leave their pets outdoors 24/7….but I bet there are some eh!?

  4. Yea Thank you, but I think it’s Fmao.

  5. -11….lmao (laughing my ass off!!)

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