New Ebay Security Scam 2009

These obviously pop up from time to time, and it’s not really that odd at all that I’m not even registered with ebay.

This is the email I just got.


Dear eBay Member,
This is your official notification from eBay. Your online has expired.
If you want to continue using our service you have to renew your online.
If not, your online will be limited and deleted
To confirm your Account records click on the following link:, scam scam/ebay/eBtttayISAPI/ws/eBayISAPI.htm ( I busted this link and changed the words in it, can you guess which words ?)

Thank you,
Scott R. Shipman, CIPP Senior Counsel, Global Privacy Practices eBay Inc.


Now these links you can visit. There’s not to much additional info there, but you may find something interesting.

[Phish] Phishtracker Manual Input Error pt. 2 –

Fraudwatch International – Anti-Phishing Specialists > Phishing Alerts

This is the return email address for the above phishing exhibition.

<service [at]>

The Spirit Dog


One Response

  1. Its not even proper english. So, how can it be from ebay? Something so obvious this time. Read many ebay scams on www (dot) scampond (dot) com

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