Is It OK To Use a Shock Collar

For any trainer to vehemently appose the use of a shock collar as a tool for problem solving, shows just how little they know about the human mind. And after all the human mind is the one your trying to reach, not that dogs mind.

To think that every dog training client has the time, patience, physical ability, mental or emotional capacity or even an inkling to learn how to solve dog problems over an extended period of time. Is not only living in a fantasy world, but will ultimately lead to the untimely demise (death) of that dog.

I have seen first hand the failures of some of Americas top animal behaviorists,  (the ones with PhD, after their name) . You may ask yourself, ” how exactly does this Spirit guy know this”. Lets not forget I’m the founder of an animal sanctuary for dogs that can not be adopted, all of our guys have bitten people on more than one occasion.

And because of this I am in the unique position to hear about the behavior modification failures, which are unfortunately not all that uncommon. So when I hear that some of these dog owners have been going through five, six, seven months and sometimes years of training. And all they have to show for it is some moderate improvements in their dogs behavior, it drives me crazy.

I’d would hate to get to the point where I actually support the use of shock collars for all aspects of training, but at least those trainers will have a higher success rate in teaching their clients to get their dogs to stop biting. Or whatever other type behavior, that might wind up getting the dog booted out of their home.

The Spirit Dog

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  1. Training Your Dog

    If you have a puppy or a dog, you have to worry about your dog listening to your commands, and even more importantly, you have to worry about how they interact with people and other dogs. You can go to classes designed to help you in training your dog, or you can buy DVDs to help you do it yourself. The most important aspect in training your dog is to teach your dog that you are in charge. If your dog or dogs seem to be out of control, the problem is usually that you are not being a strong leader for them, and they don’t know what to do.

    You may issue a command you learned with training your dog, but if they don’t believe you mean it, they won’t pay any attention. Dogs need your leadership in much the same way that your children need you to be strong and in charge. If you are having trouble training your dog, there is no reason why you should keep trying. If nothing is working even after that, you should have your veterinarian look at your dog to see if there is any medical issue that may be causing the problem.

  2. Hello Madalyn,

    By shock collar I’m guessing your talking about a no bark collar, that automatically corrects (shocks) the dog when they bark. The problem with the collars are exactly what you described, some of these guys figure out when their not wearing the collar.


    Al’s not around right now, so I figured I answer for him.

  3. A number of years ago as a last resort my brother used a shock collar to stop his dog’s excessive barking, his dog “Fudge” is pretty big, a shep. mix that weighs about 100lbs. He had mixed feelings about using the collar, but nothing else was working, and Fudge would literally bark himself hoarse, (and not from being left alone, he was never alone for more than a couple hours ) so, long story short, my brother decided to try the collar on himself first. After trying it, he decided to use it on his dog (he said it was not pleasant but not that bad) , it worked to stop the barking, but his dog figured it out pretty quickly and as soon as he wasn’t wearing the collar he would bark his head off, but he would stop as soon as he saw the collar. My brother ended up just putting it on the dog (even though it didn’t even have batteries in it anymore) when he would bark “inappropriately.” It took a while but eventually Fudge became more “selective” about his barking, and doesn’t need to wear the collar anymore. Either that or he just got older and calmed down (the dog not my brother)

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