Outside Dog Kennels Good or Bad

Keeping Dogs Outside “Outside Dogs”

Can you explain this one to me, with some sort of rational thought process. The only semi acceptable reason for not allowing your dog to live in your house is, well there is no acceptable reason.

There is no point in getting a dog if he’s only going to live outside, no exceptions. Well OK, actually maybe there is one good reason ; Sled dogs. The only possible way for a dog to get his true winter coat is, to stay outside as the weather starts to get cooler. That and maybe the only other exception being Search and Rescue Dogs (SAR) that have to work in northern climates, (the winter coat thing again). But aside from them two, that’s it.

For a regular person to get a dog only to have him or her live outside is not only cruel for a very socially needy animal, but is just plain stupid. I guess my point here is “Don’t be stupid”.

It’s not unreasonable to think that a certain percentage of outside dogs used to be inside dogs, that for one reason or another were relegated to the status of outside dogs.  Although there will always be people that will get a dog with the full intent of leaving him or her outside. What concerns me more is the other group of “dog lovers”, that fall out of love with their puppy when that puppy inevitability starts growing into a dogs body.

Cruel, Cruel, Cruel, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Poopy, Poopy, Poopy…. To much ?

It wasn’t as easy to tell on Long Island where we came from. But suburbs like these are the worst offenders of not allowing their much beloved? pets in their home. I have seen individuals fix up portions of their garages for their dog to live in, rather nicely I might add. But it doesn’t matter to the dog how nice it is, he still lives alone.

Every year there are millions of new puppies being bought, at the onset of these purchases these individuals have the best intentions for that new little guy at heart. But unfortunately our best intentions often have a rather short shelf life, especially when it comes to animals.

And therein lies one of the biggest reasons for the ultimate demise in the mental well being and happiness of so many dogs. They lack the intimate social contact, that they so desperately need.

It’s fine to have a safe and secure outside environment for your dog, just don’t leave him out there all the time.

The Spirit Dog

Copyright © 2009 A.S.PAPSZYCKI

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