More Dead Dogs “Puppy Mills” 2009

More Dead Dogs “Puppy Mills”

This woman even had a dead dog lying near her bed, not a doggy bed mind you her bed.

Additional Notes = In 1993 Mrs. Kapsa had 120 dog seized by authorities. And authorities are in need of help in determining were 50 Pug puppies disappeared to before this most recent seizure.

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Charges weighed against Montana dog breeder

BELOW TWO links are to a breeder forum from 2006 talking about how they sold some breeding dogs to her, believing this kennel to be upstanding only to find out otherwise .(remember these are from 2006)

Stopping Linda Kapsa

Before she started calling her Kennel “Shady Lane” . Her Kennel was called Lkk Pug Kennel. Wonder how many Kennel names she has had, but you got to admire the balls on this woman having “Shady” in her kennel name. It must of been a joke to her. This is from 2003.

Consumer complaints about LKK Pug Kennels, Ballantine MT

The Spirit Dog

Ohio State Court Case involving animal abuse at dog training facility.

No Felony Animal Cruelty in Ohio = No Justice



2 Responses

  1. Now we can help the dogs in puppy mills to have a much better life. Please spread the word!!!!

  2. The law needs to put Linda kapsa out of business for good by letting her legally own only 3 neutured dogs. She is not a responsible dog owner, never mind a dog breeder. She is apparently just a greedy evil person that is in the dog business for monetary gain.

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