Puppy Mills are not just an American Problem it’s a World Concern

Puppy Mills are not just an American Problem

We as Americans may think substandard breeding practices happen only in the United States. Unfortunately that’s just not the case.

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Dumped or destroyed: grim future for many a puppy in the window

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  1. This has to be the best post I have seen so far about this. Not sure who writes the other blogs I read, but glad to know your stuff is top notch! We be dropping back by, keep up the great blogging!

  2. Hello Jessica,

    Sorry to hear about all the problems your little guy is having.

    I’m not 100% sure who you should contact, but I do believe a good place to start would be with your local or state Attorney Generals office.

  3. We ordered an english bulldog puppy from a company called “Bullie Puppies For Sale”. We were giving it to our daughter for Christmas. We picked a pup out on the website named Benji. Robin told us that this puppy was available. So he flew into the San Jose Airport on Dec. 22, 2008 at 11:35pm. I received him around 11:50pm. When I first saw him, it was dark out, but I thought he looked different than the picture. A lot thinner, his coloring seemed a little different and his ears stood up partially when I looked at him out of his crate in the back of my car. I didn’t have a picture with me of the one we ordered, so I couldn’t be sure. I cleaned him up and took him home. He had no food or water when I picked him up. I called Robin on the way home to let her know that I had received the dog. She wanted me to know that when he was about 1 year, she could stud him out for us at we would get paid $1000.00 per time. She said she could do artificial insemination. I told her that we didn’t get the puppy for that and we would be having him fixed. She seemed surprised. When I got home I fed him quickly and went to bed because we were going to surprise my daughter early the next morning. When we woke in the morning, my husband realized that he did look very different and around the same time, he had the most awful diarrhea. It was black with mucus and blood and smelled so foul. We decided to call our vet and get him in. Also, we got the papers off the crate that had been sent with him. We wanted to look up his picture again on the web to compare. That’s when I noticed that the sellers name was different than the site we got him from. It had “Bullies R Us” as the sellers. We punched this in to the computer and were shocked to find a website come up and a lot of “warning/scam” links. There was so many complaints about fraudulent sales Robin had done. A lot of the puppies Robin sold were very sick and died. We noticed with our puppy that he wasn’t walking very stable a seemed to run into things. We took him to the vet right away.
    By this point I had called Robin (or emailed) to let her know that we had the wrong puppy. We didn’t hear back for a few hours.
    At the vet we found that the puppy had a bad parasite and seemed to be younger than the birthdate on the records. We were given medicine and made a recheck appt for Friday Dec.26. We weren’t sure yet what we were going to do at this point. While we were at the vet, she wanted to see what papers had been sent with him. We had two. The Dog Registry papers and his Cert.of Treatment. She was looking for the Health Cert. and we didn’t have it. We found out later that if you only bring one to the airport with the puppy, the airlines keeps it. You’re supposed to bring copies for the owners.
    In the meantime, we had put a “freeze” on the credit card purchase of the pup. It wasn’t until I left that message that Robin called me back.
    So, Robin called me a few hours later to see if I was sure that we got the wrong dog. I told her I was positive and luckily Benji photo was still on the Bullie Puppies For Sale website. I took a picture of the pup we had and the picture on the website and sent them to her. She called me back to say that her webmaster had put the wrong puppy on the website with the name Benji. She said that there was a different dog in their home that they were calling Benji and the one in the picture had been sold. Then she said as a courtesy to me, she would pay the vet bill for that morning which was a couple hundred dollars, she did offer to take the dog back. We couldn’t send him back, we didn’t have a health Cert and now he was too sick to put on a plane. We were also pretty attached by now. At this point, we had done quite a bit of research on Robin and found so many things that scared us. A few people had gotten dogs that weren’t even the right breed. We were very leery now. Robin assured us that every was fine and he was 100% ‘Mini’ bulldog and that puppies get sick. We took the freeze off of the funds. She sent me an email later requesting pictures because her kids really missed him. So, I sent some that I had taken of my children with him. She seemed thankful. Over the next couple days, the puppy’s stool seemed to get better but he still seemed disoriented. So Friday morning he had he recheck first thing. That morning I noticed that his breathing sounded funny. Raspy. We got to the vet and they tested his stool. The parasite seemed to be gone but he still had diarrhea and now she found an upper respiratory infection. He was getting worse fast. He was put on antibiotics and we were to continue the meds for the parasite. By this time, my husband and I were really upset. We loved this dog but we were scared about not knowing everything about him. Or trusting what Robin said. I emailed Robin at 10:50am our time,to tell her about the infection and inquiring about a bad scar on his tail and why was there a different name on the papers. I didn’t get a response. I then sent another email at 5:10pm PST to tell her we had put a freeze on the funds and that we felt he was a pet quality dog and could we give her $1000 for the pup as is. I let her know that we weren’t looking for any trouble, we just wanted to pay for what we got, not what she had advertised.I finally got an email response at 11pm pst that was very hostile saying we were committing interstate theft, her husband was a lawyer and we were going to get in big trouble. She said how dare I pull a number out of the air and pay what I want. She said she was calling the district attorney in our area on Monday to file a complaint. She said we now had committed Grand Larceny and was going to subpoena us to New York for a civil claim. She said she wanted us to ship the puppy back asap or release the funds immediately. I let her know that after all of the research I had done on her, there was no need for her to call the D.A, because I would do it myself. I told her that we couldn’t send the pup back because he was sick and she never gave us a health cert. I let her know that we were going to freeze the funds until we talked to the District Attorney on Monday. At this time we thought we had put a freeze on funds but found out that because it was the second time for the same issue, we would have to fax in some paper. She sent me back 3 consecutive emails that were angry, saying that we were stealing and to make sure we had warm coats because we would be having to make a visit to New York soon and that they retained an attorney in our area that would be serving us. She also let me know that she had been taping any conversations we had, which I think is illegal, right? Anyway, I wrote her back letting her know that she didn’t read my email all the way and that officially there was no freeze on the funds because of the extra paperwork we needed to send in. I also let her know again that we didn’t have a health cert for the pup and couldn’t send him. I told her that we meant no harm, we were just trying to protect ourselves. She said we had until Sunday to decide what we were going to do or else she was going to go foward with legal action.
    I forgot to mention that at the last vet appt, the doctor thought that the pup wasn’t responding as he should to vision test and we should take him to a eye doctor. So, now we have the wrong dog, diarrhea, parasites, an upper respiratory infection and maybe an eye issue.
    On Monday Dec 29 the puppy wasn’t breathing well. Our vet sent us to emergency. Turns out he had pneumonia and a severly small trachea. As of right now, he is still at the hospital in an oxygen kennel. On Monday we also noticed that there were raised rings of fur showing up on the back end of his body. The vet thought it might be an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.
    Porkchop got to come home on Wednesday afternoon. We are still treating him for pneumonia and diarrhea.
    Thursday evening we noticed that his fur was coming off in the areas where the raised rings were. I will be calling the vet tomorrow morning.

    Do you know who I would contact about this? I have filed a complaint with the New York Agriculture and Market, Consumer affairs and with a consumer affairs for ordering on-line.
    Never will I buy a dog again without seeing it and where it comes from myself. Live and Learn.

  4. Thank You Michele,

    All the best to your family and your little guys.


  5. Alan,
    I just dropped by to wish you a happy 2009!!!!

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