Are You Buying A New Puppy

Are You Buying A New Puppy

I’m starting a study to document the trails and tribulations and the happiness, that dog owners go through. Whether or not you are a new puppy owner or you have had your dog for quite some time now.

I would love it if you could do a couple of things for me :

1- Tell me all about your dog or puppy.

2- What problems you had to work through.

3- Why did you want to get a puppy.

You can answer one question or you can answer all three, it’s entirely up to you.

You can also help me out by sending this little questionnaire to your friends or family members. Or just send them the link to this post.

You can respond one of two ways, leave a comment talking about how things are with your dog. Or you can email me and tell me about how things are going.

Thank You very Much

Alan Papszycki ( The Spirit Dog)

Email: alanspap [at] gmail [dot] com

Responses as of 12-30-2008, (7) Thank you, it will take approximately 12- 18 months to collect and review all the submitted data as it comes in. So you have plenty of time to tell me about your dog(s).


3 Responses

  1. Hello Ursula,

    Playing aggressively doesn’t indicate aggression. If they both get ‘nasty’ with one another while playing that just means they are real comfortable with each other. Most of the time as siblings get older they will work it out themselves who is going to be more bossy, very rarely will there be any serious injuries when they get on each others nerves. That’s the good news, the bad news is regardless of what they are doing they really have to listen to you.
    If they start getting on each others nerves or any other reason that you want them to pay attention, throw something on them. A towel, shirt, stuffed toy, fuzzy slipper anything soft just to get their attention. Stamping on the floor works with some deaf dogs, but now all. Experiment a little to see what works for you in different situations. Have you tried a squirt bottle to get their attention ?
    After you have their attention they have to see either an angry face on you or a happy face on you whatever the circumstances call for on your part.

    And about the more dominant guy, you might find this post of some interest. It doesn’t apply for a pack of two, only larger packs, but it’s interesting.

    The Spirit Dog (al)

  2. Hello Spirit!!

    I have 2 dalmatian puppies, they are brothers, both male, 4 months old and both are deaf.

    The biggest problem in trying to train them is that they dont put attention easily. Using signs and sausages, now they have learned to sit or to calm down.

    The problem is that the smallest one is dominant with his brother and sometimes he wans to dominate us as well. Everybody tells me that in that age they can´t be agressive but when they play, they use a lot of energy and sometimes it looks like they are fighting.

    When they meet smallest puppies they try to play in the same way that they play everyday, but the other puppies run away or try to fight and start to bark at them.

    We are working hard on their education, but sometimes I feel them like agressive or maybe is only that they have a lot of energy, we take them out 2 hours a day, they run and walk.

    We love them and we want that they stay tgether, when we separate them they start crying a lot. I am afraid that these “agressions” continue and when they are adults they hurt each other…

    thanks for your advice and for your blog, its really helpful!

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