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Parmalat Founder Calisto Tanzi Gets 10 Year Jail Term

Non-Dog related Post

Parmalat Founder Calisto Tanzi Gets 10 Year Jail Term

Italian Dairy Founder Calisto Tanzi Gets 10 Year Jail Term

Greed can and should be a good thing, to a certain degree. It can provide much needed jobs, help the local economies which in turn benefits other countries economies  by supplying additional services related to that industry.

There was a time when CEO’s had the best interest of their company at heart, by always looking to the future. Sadly this way of running large corporations, seems to be a thing of the past.

At what point do these individuals running these companies say to them selves “I want much more”, lets see if we can’t get a little creative with our books.

This story is from the BBC. Just the latest in a long line of overly greedy executives that have ruined the lives of so many working class citizens.

Italian dairy boss gets 10 years

Calisto Tanzi News – The New York Times

Autumn Of The Patriarch – TIME

The Spirit Dog


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