Can No Kill Animal Shelters Become a Reality

Are No Kill Animal Shelters Possible

Tell me what you think. I have a draft of an article about this, that I’ve been working on. It may be to long, I”m thinking about trimming it down a little.

Your response will help me decide to edit the article or not.

You can respond in one of two ways or both; (1) you can vote on the poll or (2) leave a comment explaining why you think it’s feasible or not.

The Spirit Dog


2 Responses

  1. Hello Jeramie,

    You hit the nail on the head. Animal rescues love to blame irresponsible pet owners (not fixing their dogs) for the homeless pet epidemic.

    When the problem is the millions of people, like the two women you know. They are good people that should have never purchased a puppy. Sadly a significant number of these individuals, usually get another puppy shortly afterwards.

    Hope your family has a great holiday.

  2. I just dont think it is possible until people start taking control of their own animals (birthrate) and start doing even a little research before they get a dog.

    I know 2 women who got a dog and 6 months later they want to get rid of them as they were a little more work than expected. So instead of taking the time to train their new fucking family members they are just going to “give them” away.

    In other words, humans are too stupid, selfish and irresponsible to curb the growth rate of homeless animals, so the numbers will continue to rise and there is only so much room. Unfortunate but IMHO, some animals will have to be put down instead of suffering.

    Great site BTW, I am really enjoying your points of view. When we got our dog my wife and I read 6 books on dog training to get a varied idea, and they were all the same or close but a lot of what I read here just makes
    more sense and is more realistic/rational.

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