Is My Dog Showing Dominance Aggression By Pulling On His Leash

Why Do Dogs Pull On The Leash

Our dogs pull on the leash when we are taking them for a walk, for two very simple reasons.

1 -We walk to slow for dogs.


2- They become so excited and happy to finally get out the house and see whats going on, that they can’t control themselves.  Something akin to a young child pulling mommies arm out of the socket, while rushing into a toy store or amusement park.

Unless taught differently, dogs essentially jog or power walk everywhere.

That’s right, this is not a power play or dominance behavior your dog is exhibiting.

Please repeat after me

They are very happy and we walk to slow.

They are very happy and we walk to slow.

They are very happy and we walk to slow.

You should teach your dog not to pull, but they don’t have to walk at your side in a heel position. They can walk wherever you like, as long as they don’t pull.

It’s unfortunate that just about every dog trainer and behaviorist, regards this excitement on your dogs part as an attempt at dominance.

This is just another one of  my many disappointments, with the teachings of the dog training and animal behavior community.

The Spirit Dog

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4 Responses

  1. Your Welcome, Erika.

  2. Thanks for this.

    I am rescuing a dog next week and when I met him for the first time he was so excited. I assumed he would pull on a leash, but I’m not one those people who saw it as “dominant” behavior. I don’t have him yet to know for sure as he’s getting neutered, but I love your practical advice.

    Thanks again

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