How Aggressive, Nervous and All Dogs Play Fight Video

How Dogs Play Fight

Here’s a quick little video of Macy (“Macy Gray” tan dog) from Chicago, and Bauer (“Bowsey Wow”) from Boston. Living The Dream at Spirit Animal Sanctuary.This type of play behavior DOES NOT make your dog aggressive, unlike what some dog professionals will preach.

Shot Thanksgiving Day 2008, also the first video I shot that came out half way decent ( Visual quality wise).

The Spirit Dog

P.S.  If you look closely, you will see the little shit Frankie (Boxer) peeing on the floor. Frankie came to us with a ton of health issue’s, including a very weak bladder. When he has to go, you have to let him out pretty much immediately or else.

Also, as I learn a bit more about this video stuff I will be showing you exactly how dogs think and how we should act with our dogs.


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