Pearl Harbor Day: The Spirit Dog

Pearl Harbor Day: The Spirit Dog

The sad events of December 7th  1941, probably doesn’t have a whole lot of emotional impact or great significance, for those of us born after that date. But rest assured for all those Americans that lived through the attack, today has a very special meaning in their hearts.

My mom was twelve years old at the time. To listen to, and see her emotional reactions while talking about and remembering that time in our history. Gives me a small glimpse into the emotions of sadness and outrage that the American people felt on that day.

What is sadder even still. Is that this was most likely the only time in our history, that all Americans became polarized for a common good. The United States and the world.

We as a nation seem to be to a little too fragmented these days, and amazingly enough those Americans that will waive our flag in times of turmoil. (remember everybody momentarily became patriotic and proudly displayed the American flag after 9/11). Would rather complain about things, than to join a cause.

So who truly loves America these days ? The people that a lot of American citizens don’t want here,  immigrants. It’s unfortunate that in this day and age many more of our foreign brothers and sisters, show more of a patriotic spirit then we do.

Let’s face it, that is why they went trough all the trouble of getting here. They know what a great country America is. And something that many of us seem to forget is, we are all immigrants. All except for… well, I wont go into that right now, I think we all know what happened to the only non-immigrants in this country.

The Spirit Dog ;  second generation American mixed breed

Both my grandmothers, born in Italy.

One of my grandfathers, born in England

My other grandfather, born in Canada. His father, my great grandfather, born in Poland.


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