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Dogs Leash Aggression is Fear Aggression

Leash Aggression is Fear Aggression

This is another example of how we in the dog training behavior field make things a lot more difficult than they have to be, by assigning different “Types” of aggressions when describing unsocialized behavior.

That’s right a dog that is often said to be leash aggressive is, to put it very simply and accurately ; afraid of things.

Whether it’s other animals, people, cars, trucks, motorcycles your mailman or any other type of delivery person. Your animal is scared.

Is it our fault that our dog is afraid of all these things. Well, in a lot of instances yes, it is our fault.

But why are we to blame in these circumstances ?

Two reasons,

1- Because we do not have the vast amount of experience we think we may have with dogs, we often misinterpret what are dogs are actually doing at that particular time. Also, we mistake our dogs nervousness for some form of aggression.

2- We become afraid to continue with the socializing process, after our puppy reaches a certain age. This usually occurs when our dog is in the six to eight month old range. We become very nervous for some reason with our dog around other dogs and people, and because of this our body language is telling our dog that something bad may happen to us. There by creating our dogs nervous response.

So what can we do about it ? Well therein lies the rub.

For us to successfully address these issue’s (ours and the dogs) we need three things from the dog training professional we hire.

1- The dog trainer must be able to take your dog on the leash, for a walk. And encounter other dogs or people, and have your dog behave in a manner you would be proud of. The purpose of this is to show you that your dog is “trainable”.

2- The dog trainer, not only must they be able to teach your dog to be happy.  They must also be able to teach you how to accomplish the same thing.  That’s right, getting your dog happy. That is the key to modifying  ALL nervous behaviors.

3- The dog trainer must be able to relieve all of your fears and apprehensions, associated with meeting other dogs and people.

The inability of the dog trainer to succeed in any of these three areas, will most likely mean little to no improvement with your dogs fear issues..

The Spirit Dog

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