Dog Frozen; Animal Abuse or Stupidity

Dog Frozen; Animal Abuse or Stupidity

We came from the some what warm winter climate of Long Island, New York. Our first winter in northern NY, we were greeted with winter temperatures that routinely were minus double digits.

It was only then that I started thinking to myself, I wonder how many dogs a year up here or any northern climate for that matter, freeze to death every year.  Sadly it’s probably a lot. The dog in this article Did Not freeze to death.

The following news story was reported by Eric Litke,

Gannett Wisconsin Media, as read in the, sheboyganpress

The Spirit Dog

Visit sheboyganpress and after reading the article, tell me if you think this is animal abuse or just a stupid person.


5 Responses

  1. Hello V.E.G,

    I don’t understand the relevance .

  2. James Frederick Fayard, a dog lover is related to Christine Chauvin De Lery (some sources say she is black and some sources say she is not.) According to www(dot)bayoubohemia(dot)net/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I178&tree=basetree (Church Records indicate Christine Chauvin De Lery is the daughter of Joseph and Francoise, a slave from Africa.)

  3. One man is an animal lover, and his name is James Frederick Fayard, III and he is rolling over his grave and he dislikes any neglected animal. Fayard is a direct descendant of the American Revolution, Cajuns and an African-American.

  4. It truly is situations like this that honestly makes me wonder how much inbreeding truly exists in the human race?….

  5. Which is the greater abuse, the obesity or leaving a dog out to freeze?

    The term ‘stupid cow’ did relate

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