Can Dogs Eat Spam, Spam, Spam Spam

Can Dogs Eat Spam ?


As long as it’s not green, but do check to see what the sodium (salt) levels are.

Hey, you gotta check out Hormel Foods (makers of Spam), Spam Web Site. This thing is a blast.

(Update 12-30-2009 ) Spam changed their websites front page, it’s not as cool anymore.

Welcome to

And you know, ya gotta check out the Monty Python.

Oddly enough , I see about six searches a week from people wanting to know if their dog can eat Spam. Also, Spam is more expensive then most canned dog foods.


2 Responses

  1. aah, something that makes sense.

  2. The reason people feed their dogs spam or want to is you cannot get dog food on food stamps and they say spam is the closest to dog food, which does not encourage humans to eat it!!

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