Puppy Crate Training Having Some Trouble With Little Britney

Puppy Crate Training Having Some Trouble

Is your brand new puppy, little Britney having accidents in her crate over night ?

Or is she going to the bathroom in her crate while your at work or school all day ?

Then do not despair, this is normal.  The denning instinct of your young puppy, is not going to prevent her from going to the bathroom in her crate. So do not be surprised or angry when you wake up too, or come home too, a filthy puppy that quite frankly is not all that happy herself that you put her in that situation.

This is a baby, every puppy will go to the bathroom in their crate if they are left in it for any extended period of time, that exceeds their ability to hold it. For some puppies that extended period of time can be two or three hours, and for others it may be a little longer or a little shorter.

Contrary to the currently accepted wisdom on puppy housebreaking, for many homes these days crate training is probably not your best option.

If you would like to help yourself out with puppy housebreaking and on the way keep Britney a little more cleaner and happier, read the following Spirit Dog articles.

The Spirit Dog

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7 Responses

  1. Hi havahartwireless, don’t forget to please visit our donation page and donate. Thanks for visiting

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  3. woooooww very2 thanks to share :Pi always came to visit ur blog

  4. One things I love with Boston Terrier’s is that they like to learn and therefore are not difficult to train. Their intelligence ensures they pick things up quickly.

  5. […] Puppy Crate Training Having Some Trouble With Little Britney . Posted on December 1, 2008 by thespiritdog. Puppy Crate Training Having Some Trouble. Is your brand new puppy, little Britney having accidents in her crate over night ? …[Continue Reading] […]

  6. Hi Mal,

    Ah yes, the rewards of due diligence .

    Unfortunately for most people and their young puppies, a lot of peoples circumstances require them to be out of their home for long periods of time.

    And for the individuals that have the opportunity to be home with their little guy. Lets just say that too many of them wouldn’t have shown the same love and commitment, that you have for your guys.

    Was it Pixel, Kelly or your other dog that I couldn’t find on
    http://www.malice-aforethought.com/blog/ that you did that with?

    By the way, we have a Kelly type dog here at our sanctuary, with somewhat of a less gorgeous temperament as your guy.

  7. With my dog when he was a puppy, I did a variation on the crate training, i had him on tied to my belt so he was with me at all times. After every meal just took him to the toilet spot as well as about every hour or so and a couple of time during the night. Not only did this help with bonding but also accelerated the toilet training imo. Within about 3-4 days was pretty much good with it.

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