Hughsnet vs Wildblue New Speed Test Rural Satellite Internet

The Service guy for wildblue was here today, said the signal to noise ratio was bad. Re-pointed dish. Don’t know yet if that will solve the problem of signal lose, since the signal has been Ok the last three days. But here’s a new speed test anyway,  part of my wildblue problem was slow upload speeds which caused servers to time out on me.

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Those new numbers for Wildblue, are not to encouraging.


Below Results of previous test

My Hughsnet vs My Wildblue ; My Speed Test

Link to this image to share your results
Read why I added Hughsnet Broadband.

Rural Satellite Internet Hughsnet vs Wildblue


11 Responses

  1. I have Wildblue and all satellite companies suck. I have their pro package and the speed tests almost always comes back around 2.5 3.0 mbps. However, this is not a true speed as the IP address the speed tests use is their gateway not your modem. The IP address that has been used to represent my speed check location puts me any where between 50 to 100 miles from my home. I’ve had Hughesnet and it suck also. They limit your daily bandwidth and do shut you down if you exceed your daily allotment. However Wildblue gives you a rolling 30 day period of bandwidth so at least you can have a day or two of normal internet usage. They use the rolling 30 day so you are subject to using their monitor which sucks. I monitor and record my daily bandwidth and I still occasionally go over and I’m reduced to less than dial up speed. If I could find a program other than theirs to monitor my bandwidth I might actually get to use my 17GB of bandwidth I pay for instead of relying on their monitor which is terribly inaccurate. It takes up to 24 hours to update your usage??????.
    We all need to bug the crap out of our Government to require all internet providers to service all areas not just where they want to. Our area is strange because there are homes that can get either DSL or cable and they are within yards of houses that can’t. If AT&T changed a 1200.00 switch in my neighborhood I and 60 other homes could get decent DSL. AT&T has refused to change it.
    Satellite is a poor substitute for a real broadband connection and it is make poorer by the two companies that own them.
    I’ve seen crews recently installing fiber optic cable close to my neighborhood. I have been informed that it will not connecti to anyone on the streets it is being installed in. ??????
    The idea of putting out a good product or service at a reasonable price to maximize profits if dead in this country. Finding a way to monopolize the supply so the customer has no choices it the rule of the land. That way prices can be raised as high as the company wants and the customer has to pay it or not get the needed service.
    Aw well have fun and the second I have an alternative to Satellite I’m there.

  2. yeah i admit that wild blue sticks right now just wait till the new satellite comes out new speeds right now wild blue pushes 1-1.5 megs but the new sat coming in march is 1-2-3-4-8-12 megs choices will be up to the customer took my training a month ago and installed one of the first dishes i currently have 15 meg with optimum plus and i gotta say its about the same wild blues about to blow hughes out the water. now for the download, is still the same but from 10pm – 6am its unlimited and its only gonna get better

  3. Called WildBlue about my incredibly sloooooo service.
    Have the pro package. Asked the agent (in Las Vegas) if they used WildBlue in their office. Da….da….da… She said. I said, “Of course you don’t!” “It would take an hour to access my account if you did!”
    She put me on hold and never returned. F-U wildblue.

  4. Had Hughes,net for years and it had really slow downloads and I purchased and used 3 different computers over those years.Same performance on each computer.Got Wildblue this week and–it sucks too..No cable here and dial up phone lines are so old they only support a 33.6 kbps modem as a 56k won’t perfom optimally.TRaining the neighbors in the use of Apache smoke signals for local communication.

  5. O.K. I have wildblue. I’ve had it over 2 years now. I have had DSL. and I tried the air card through at&t. Hughs, is my next step. Wildblue as yes it stinks. Isn’t that bad. We live in an area you cant get DSL. The air card. yeah thats a joke had it one day and canceled. DSL, was wonderful and no wildblue is nothing like DSL. No you cant voice, you cant play on the X-Box but it is something. I pay $100. a month for my wildblue. I can play second life on it, course not as good as you can with DSL. It is slower, things do time out. Hughsnet is my next step, yeah were being jerked around with the prices, but hay people like me who cant just pack up and move have no other choice. I want to change but I have the fear they might be worse then Wildblue. If there equal or a little better, I can live with that. I have done the math, and yes wildblue has more download for the pro package then hughsnet. But the free what ever times, and the it resets everyday. Unlike wildblue that you have what they give you and thats all. If you get close to the threshold, thats it; it is cut off. You get no more, that means you have to wait a week before you can go back on and do anything. Do you know how many e-mails a photographer can get and how many important info can be missed and how many customers you loose for not being able to check your e-mails? At least with hughsnet I feel I can at least be able to do that. I dont download music or movies. I check e-mails and play my second life game, thats it. I can do it with wild blue. To bad you cant get a trial time with hughsnet. I know my parents have hughs, and there happy. course they dont play secondlife or download files like i have to eather.

  6. I stopped using the speed test that Wild Blue provides because I don’t trust any satellite provider tests. You might try this one though (it gives a ton of information) at

    Click on Satellite ISP Tools and then you have two tests. One is the Speed/Cap Test (which tells you the overall capabilities of your connection) and the other is TCP Speed Test which shows you the overall health and rating of your connection. Pretty nifty stuff.

  7. Hi Robbi

    First off, I don;t know how you would go about getting out of your contract, I suppose you can ask an attorney about breach of contract on Wildblue’s part. Pertaining to false claims of upload or download speeds and / or reliability .

    I had the Pro package ($90 / month) also, before downgrading recently to Wildblue’s economy package ($59 / month). I didn’t see the point in having their top program with my service out a significant portion of the time.

    My problem along with very slow transfer speeds, was constant loss of signal, although oddly enough I haven’t lost the signal that much over the last 10 or 12 days.

    Since I don’t up or download huge files I never came close to the fair access policy (FAP) limits, so I don’t know about that.

    Now the Hughsnet Satellite system that I had installed recently has been much better. I went with one of Hughsnet’s medium packages for (120 / month) 500MB a day transfer limits, which is about 300MB a day more than Wildblues.

    Hughsnet has a couple of higher packages available that offer faster transfer speeds .

    Did you see what else I wrote about the two companies?

    Hope you have a great day Robbi

  8. Hi,
    I’m having a terrible time with wildblue. We have the highest speed and price range. My son put a router onto the motem so that he could use X-Box. He downloaded one trailer game and it used up all our internet time. They just shut use down for a week or two?!!!!

    They said they can not give use the contract unless we join their e-mail. Well we have our own e-mail so I do not want another e-mail just to get a contract. They said that they were going to send use the contract when they installed the unit. It never happened.



    How can I get out of the contract? Bad service?

  9. Hi John

    At this time I would have to recommend Hughsnet over Wildblue. I know we probably got lucky with a good Hughsnet installer. The Wildblue install is terrible, even know the installer was a nice guy.

    And seeing the equipment side by side ( Dish & Modems) there’s really no comparison between the two. Hughsnet’s dish & modem are a better quality, also more expensive.

    But when taking into consideration your long term expense, it’s well worth it.

    I’ll be randomly posting various speed test results for both systems.

    Hughsnet at least comes relatively close to their claimed (peak) up load and down load speeds , while Wildblue is not close to their advertised speeds.

    Both services have plenty of people that don’t like them, but my experience so far is Hughsnet is a better service.

    Alan Papszycki
    Spirit Animal Sanctuary

  10. my experiance with wildblue have been lousy. Had this for a couple of years now. Good to see that Hughes may be better. Worst customer servie anywhere. Trained liars. I finally kept one on the phone for over an hour until he finally broke down adn told me the service sucked and always will as they do not have the equipment to supply customers needs and never will. They are trained to just wear you out changing settings that have nothing to do with the internet on your computer. Don’t buy this service. It really is a rip. Never…..

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