My Hughsnet vs My Wildblue ; My Speed Test

My Hughsnet vs My Wildblue ; My Speed Test

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I was even relatively happy, getting those speeds with Wildblue. But what I am not happy with, is the constant lose of signal. With either service, the speed test speeds are higher than the actual speeds I get while up or downloading.
Find out why I added  Hughsnet Broadband.

2 Responses

  1. Hello Alan,

    You have to remember, I had both Wildblue and Hughsnet, at the same time for over a year. The one time I had to call tech support for Hughsnet, the actual tech answered the phone (after only a couple of rings) and solved my problem. Wildblue, not as good with the phone support.

  2. Well, you may think that you are better than “WildBlue” and you may even be better that “WoldBlue”; but I have been trying to get service to one of my systems for 2 weeks and I get the run-around. I have no service, and have not for about 6 weeks. How can you claim to have better service when I get non!!!

    I’m sorry, but I let as many people as I can know about the extremely poor service I get from hughs. I am always fighting to get someone to help us. When we do get someone to come to the site and check the system, the first thing they wnat is the money. I need service!!

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